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Here is how to change a car tire

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First, make sure you have a car, without this you will not be able to change the tire

Step 2:

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Second thing needed, is a car jack, this will lift up the vehicle so you can chaneg the tire.

Step 3:

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you will also need a socket wrench, his will un tighten, and tighten the Lugnuts on the tire. the lugmuts are what hold the tire from falling off.

Step 4:

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When taking off the tire, you un loosen the Lugnuts, counter clock wise. after taking all the lugnuts off you take off the tire.

Step 5:

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When puttin a new tire on, make sure it is in the same position as the other tires. Put the Lugnuts into the places they go. when tighening the lugnuts, make sure you dont tighten the one you do just all the way, just make sure its on there. put on the lugnuts criss cross, which is like putting one in the top right, then the botom left, top left, bottom right, then the top. this makes sure they are all on. when all on then tighten the lugnuts all the way the same way you put them on. make sure you tighten them as much as you can.

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and thats how you change a tire!


ChuckH1 (author)2014-08-15

I just have to say it for people looking at this. For safety you always slightly loosen (1/4 turn) the lug nuts before jacking up the vehicle - also referred to as breaking. When the tire is in the air and the brakes are not engaged (like changing a front tire on a front wheel drive car) it is possible that trying to loosen the nuts while in the air will cause the vehicle to move substantially and could roll the jack (most likely a scissor jack) causing severe injury or death.

bond815 (author)2012-02-15

Wow, 6 steps to change a tire. Here's my 1 step plan - call AAA.

Ranie-K (author)2012-02-07

Are you allowed to use these pictures here? Some of them are copyrighted.

pfred2 (author)Ranie-K2012-02-14

Maybe they don't have a car?

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