Step 4: Refill Mower Oil

Now the mower is ready to have its engine oil refilled. Remember that over-filling the oil on a lawn mower engine is just as bad as under-filling it.

Check the mower owner's manual for the exact quantity of oil that the mower takes.

Use the mower's dipstick as the final judge on the right oil level. Most mowers take between 2/3 and 3/4 a quart of oil

10. Add engine oil gradually until it is full.

Fill Engine Oil

Stop a couple of times as you fill the oil to check its level with the dipstick.

Creeping up on the "full" line like this reduces the chance of overfilling.

11. Replace oil cap.

Your lawn mower oil change is now complete.


Changing your lawn mower's oil will help its engine run powerfully and dependably. This and other simple equipment maintenance will greatly extend the life of your tools.

eReplacementParts.com can help you with your lawn & garden machine repairs. Visit our Lawn Mower Parts page to shop for parts by mower brand, or visit our Small Engine Parts page for more small engine maintenance parts.

<p>Great! Easy to follow and understand instructions.</p>
<p>What about removing the drain plug from under the deck???</p>
<p>Nice guide. Looks like it was taken from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uYAeK34veo</p>
Good guide. Thanks

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