Picture of How To Change The Rotors On Disk Brakes
My bike was recently tuned however it developed an irritating screech and lack of braking power, so we decided to change the disks and fix the problem. Changing the disks is vary easy all it requires is a torks T25 screwdriver, and preferably a torque wrench. If you don't have a torque wrench don't worry unless you are racing, screw tight will do. 
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
This is an easy project that takes about 30min the only tools needed are:
torque t25 screwdriver 
torque wrench (optional) needs to go to 40-60in lbs

new disk 

Step 2: Take Off Tire

Picture of Take Off Tire
Undo quick release (if you have one), and remove tire from bike. Same goes with rear tire, its best if you are in you're highest set of gears. 

Step 3: Change Disks

Any torque screwdriver will do to undo the screws. Undo the screws in pairs, first top right then bottom left exc..
Once the disk is off place the new one in place and first hand tighten all screws in the same pattern.  Then if you have a torque wrench correctly set it to 40-60in lbs. To set the wrench start by un doing the wrench completely and then screwing the handle up to somewhere between 40-60 in lbs (not ft lbs). If you don't have a torque wrench (or it can't go to 60 in lbs) do your best to tighten all the screws evenly. Once all the screws are done up the wheel can be placed back on the fork and the quick release can be tightened. Then take the bike for a test run and make sure the brakes are working, trust me finding out at the top of the hill is  much worse. 

Sorry about the super wide angle pictures.