How to Change the Weight on a Compound Bow





Introduction: How to Change the Weight on a Compound Bow

Step 1: You Will Need an Alan Wrench and a Compound Bow

Step 2: You Will Take the Alan Wrench and Look for a Spot at the Top to Put the Alan Wrench

There will be one on the top of the bow and the bottom.

Step 3: Make Sure to Put the Alan Facing the Same Way on Both the Top and Bottom Whole

If you don't put them on the same way it will mess your bow up. And your bow will be all out of rhythm when you shoot. Your bow could even brake if you don't put them in the same way.

Step 4: Turn Right to Make the Weight Go Up and Turn Left to Make the Weight Go Down

So if your having trouble pulling back your bow or feel like it is to easy,all you need is the right size Alan wrench to change that!



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    How many pounds are added per clock turn?

    Neat, didn't know it was that easy. Thanks for explaining the process!