How to Change Your Batteries in Xbox 360 Controller




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Introduction: How to Change Your Batteries in Xbox 360 Controller

Having trouble changing your batteries in your controller then this is for you

This is all part of my techno-fobe season starting from 30/8/14-25/12/14 if you need any help say something in the comments

Step 1: Remove the Case

On the back of the controller there is lump type thing with a button on top hold the button down and remove it

Step 2: Remove the Batteries

Lay the case flat and remove the batteries

Step 3: Put in the New One's

Put the batteries in with the signs facing up as displayed on the case

Step 4: Back In

Insert the case with the button facing up

Step 5: Finished

You are now ready to youse your controller



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    why triple boot when you can virutalize everything, yours31f. Jussayin'.

    That's how you do it? Thanks! I would of never figured that one out without your guide :3

    I'm sorry I can't help you with that yours31f

    Mustav been bored

    i could use one on tribooting a desktop with fedora 20, windows 8.1, and osx

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