Picture of How To Change Your Fortune
No silly! Not that kind of fortune! I'm talking about the kind of fortune that comes in a cookie. In my opinion everything is better when cookies are involved. I did this on April Fools Day to prank everyone (We got Chinese food. They were begging for trouble) in my family. I unfortunately never got around to documenting it until now. It's probably too late to get anywhere in the April Fools contest which, correct me if I'm wrong, goes entirely on user votes. Oh well, on to the project!

Step 1: Your Materials

Picture of Your Materials
This is pretty easy. You don't need much to change a fortune. All you need is:

A fortune cookie (Duh?)


Tweezers (Preferably very small)

Not Shown But Also Important!

A Computer and Printer

A drop of very clear glue OR clear tape
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madson8121 year ago

you have to post a video of how one of these turned out in action.

kchau24 years ago
I find it funny how the fortune says "A cautious person leaves no stones unturned" and we're trying to prevent that.
the best fortune ever... from "Roccos modern life" (a cartoon)

Bad luck and extreme misfortune will haunt your pathetic soul for all eternity
Actually my friend told me about a really good one! It said:
Error 404 - Fortune Not Found

GEEK HUMOR!!!! This is a great Idea! I will definitely have to use this!
No, my friend got a better one once:
You will eat another fortune cookie.
best show EVAR!!!
 I love that show!
clax12274 years ago
I have the BEST fortune here :D : That wasn't chicken....
King Julien5 years ago
I prefer the last option to get it out.  Then I get hungry and eat the cookie.
quesoman5 years ago
awesome...... this is so cool
Very nice prank my family gos out to at chinese Places quite often so this will work good <(_)>
Chicken22096 years ago
poor john!
RoKuS6 years ago
Ha! Reminded me of when I proposed to my wife. I opened a Cracker Jacks box at the bottom, removed the "surprise", carefully opened the little bag & removed the toy, put in the ring w/ a note something like "I don't know you, but Will You Marry Me?", and got the whole thing back together. I suggest not to try that at home. I proposed to my second wife along those lines, but using a KinderEgg. I now live alone in my small apartment. Memories, Like the corners of my mind, Misty water-colored memories.....
alhuitt6 years ago
I did this years ago. If you put the cookie in the microwave it will soften it. Then you insert the fortune. Reshape the cookie and you are good to go.
Noodle937 years ago
We have these hot sealers for home use. You just insert two AA batteries and clamp it on the plastic. It'd work wonders on this.
did you get it online?
I found one at wal-mart for $4.00.
Yeah, my dad bought some spontaneously off


http://www.handysealer.com/main/ is the website home, it's called Handy Sealer.
how much did you pay?
I'm not sure, the way GraysOnline works, is they sell a lot of stock that was supposed to be exported/imported but orders got cancelled etc. Example, we buy Wine which costs upward of $20-30 for >$10, usually about $5. And all these Wines are Aussie made too. However I don't think they ship to Americas and stuff.

i know where to get them for 3.39 + free shipping thats why i was asking emo-child
Hehe, I've used that image since about 2005 for internet communities everywhere. I'm not actually emo, nowhere near it.
i guessed you wouldn't be offended b/c your not emo that image i have, a microdrive, taken apart by yours truly it is out of a $100 mp3 player
Sweet, did you actually do anything with it?
Not really, just for kix and pictures the player's firmware crashed, and there was no way to fix it... not all i need is a new microdrive, i still have the parts if i ever find the right HDD
Gjdj3 (author)  Noodle937 years ago
That sounds cool... and useful.
coconeenies7 years ago
I think this is a great idea. I'm going to use it on my kids at some point (6 & 8 1/2) reminding them of the importance of sharing or being kind. I think it will freak them out a bit especially the 8 1/2 year old that is currently reading Harry Potter books.
Gjdj3 (author)  coconeenies7 years ago
Haha. Thank you very much. Tell me how it goes!
The Jamalam7 years ago
and... the added fact that crazy glue wont taste good
You have a leatherman... my mom barely even lets me have an X-acto knife!

Which I lost...
+1 vote and rating.
I have both of those and a WWII dagger
omg, i have 3 shotguns an m-42 yugoslavian war rifle 2 machetes 8 bowie knives, slingshots, yummy pancakes, so many 10/22 guns to count, a glock .40 caliber made in Austria , 4 samurai swords, a couple of bo shurikens, and around 20 pocket knives, all for nice, fun hunting or recreational use. did i mention 7 pellet guns?
Gjdj3 (author)  theburn77 years ago
yummy pancakes?
theburn7 Gjdj37 years ago
are you asking me if i am yummy pancakes? no, i am not so immature, which is no offence as it can be a good quality to some
Oh my gosh I have like six different knives, 3 pellet guns, and complete access of all my Dad's power tools.
X-acto?? Multi-tools and utility knives are where it's at!
I lost one of my X-acto knives too...It was sitting on the counter and the next day it was gone! But I have two others....Except I need new blades for them...
Gjdj3 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
It's my dad's leatherman but he lets me use it a lot. He doesn't have much use for it so I get to use it pretty much whenever I need to :-). Thanks for the vote and rating. Oh, and sorry about your knife. X-Acto knifes are more useful than you realize until you lose one. I know from experience :-(.
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