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Introduction: How to Change Your Icons

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This is a FREE app with NO JAILBREAK. As you can see, I have already changed my mail, textplus, ebay, instagram, photos, weheartit, youtube, google, safari, messages, and app store. This works with apple and I THINK android.

Step 1: CocoPPa

The FREE apps name is cocoPPa. go on the app and make an account.

Step 2: Lets Change One!

I have not changed Facebook yet. Lets begin.

Step 3: Look at All of Them!

Once you go on the app, you see TONS of icons. Pick one of your choosing!

Step 4: Or Search

Scroll down and you can search a neat icon.

Step 5: Tap the Icon You Pick

I chose this one... Like it? Ok so once you tap it, tap 'set up link'

Step 6: How to Set It Up

Once you tap set up link tap the button that says 'app search'

Step 7: Find the App

Once you click app search find the app you are trying to change. You can search it, if its popular, like Facebook its already on the list and you donnot have to search. So tap the app once you see it. If you dont have the app it will not work... So if I dont have facebook, this icon change wont work

Step 8: Almost Done!

Once you find your app, it will bring you here. You can add gloss or not, personally I don't like it. Now tap ok. They will ask to go to safari. Press ok.

Step 9: Press Add to Home Screen

Press the arrow button and press add to home screen. Then your done!

Step 10: Done!

Now facebook is on my home screen! Tap the icon, it will first go to a white screen then to the app!

Step 11: NOTICE!!!!

There is still another copy of facebook (the app you chose). IF YOU DELETE THE ORIGINAL APP THE NEW ICON WONT WORK!!!!!!

Step 12: A Folder

I keep all of the apps I change in this folder, I named it cocoppa.

Step 13:

You can delete the cocoppa icon and change it on the app. Comment share like and subscribe! This takes up no space either!



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    14 Discussions

    I have a new phone and even though I've changed most of my icons, I can't change anything else anymore. It won't let me press the ok button. Any ideas???


    Hi, how do you delete the cocoppa icon and change it to the app?? @vicirose

    I have the same problem with the cocoppa icon i changed first being stuck and i am able to change it but after a few days it will go back to the first cocoppa icon i downloaded. It is frustrating. Please help

    How can i change my icon back to the original icon


    3 years ago

    Hi can u help me plz..i want to know how can u change an old icon to a new one? Coz i wanted to change the old icon i downloaded but it wouldn't let me.. and its frustrating..plz help thank an android user

    I missed

    Idk if u can see them but at the top I've already changed some. It doesn't work with anything though. Lots of apps though

    13, 10:20 PM.jpg

    I usually post my own pic (after editing) to be icons

    Follow me!! That is SO cool


    4 years ago

    So cool:)

    Ikr lol

    Cool now if only they had icons for dudes... Oh well

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