How to Cheat a Test !





Introduction: How to Cheat a Test !

This instructable and video is for educational purposes only! Cheating is bad and i do not recommend it, if you get caught you support the consequences! But if you do want to cheat, il at least show you a good way to do it!

Beside the instructable i shared with you the video version of this how-to / instructable , witch will make it more easy to understand and more entertaining !

You will need only a bottle of water, and access to a printer , the method is not well known but the efficiency is incredible !

Enjoy !

Step 1: Step 1 - Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet :

Well i recommend that you print your sheet with "Times New Roman" on a small font size 6 or 7 depending on how it's more comfortable for your view ! you could hand write your sheet but it's way harder to understand printing is the best option !

Make sure your cheat sheet dose not exceed "5cm height and 10 width" .

Step 2: Cut the Sheet

This step is really fast ,
Take a pair of scissors and start cutting out your sheet from the a4 paper .

Step 3: The Water Bottle !

The water bottle ,

Take a 0,5l bottle of water that has clear plastic and cut it's sticker from one side lose, just like shown in the picture, be careful don't take the sticker completely off !

Step 4: Duct Tape

Now get some transparent duct tape or glue, and apply on the ends of the sheet like shown in the picture !

Step 5: Back to the Bottle

Now Back to the bottle, take the sheet and place it on the sticker we cut lose before, use the duct tape to stick the sheet on the inside of the sticker !

Watch Pictures !

Then start to role the bottle's sticker back on the bottle !

Step 6: The Bottle

Now, duct tape the sticker on the bottle , as it was before .
Make sure to duct tape only where the sticker is so no duct tape is visible on the bottle !

Step 7: Now Your Ready !

Now your ready!

So if you liked this instructable you can watch the video of it 2 maybe get a better look at how it's done, anyway have fun , just don't forget to take your trusty water to school on that cursed day !



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    OR you could just have one hand in your pocket and use BRAILLE


    Or, wear some Converse, write notes/answers on the white rubber strip and sit with your legs crossed.

    Idea for a new 'ible: How to screw up a test cheater with a replacement water bottle. . . LOL

    why would you label it cheater in big font so in case the teacher sees it your screwed

    but where do you get the answers from?


    If I'm ever prevented from bringing water into an exam because of people like you, I'm going to be pissed.

    You are a creative person, and obviously intelligent, so I don't think you really need to cheat. It looks like   you must enjoy challenges, why not work on a project that is more ethical?  Your skills could really make a positive difference in so many ways.  Your video was really well done