Introduction: How to Cheat on a Test With a Shirt

One of the Easiest and Sneakiest ways to Cheat on a Test. For about 7 dollar you can pass any test you want. Find out how by watching this instructional video.


Tupulov (author)2011-07-26

Well done. Just because you know how to cheat doesn't mean you have to. Cheating is a fascinating field of study and some of the methods are ingenius!

biffula (author)2011-06-16

I took astronomy in college and hated my worthless Indian prof. Couldnt understand a word. So I had a good friend tap out answers for me(always multiple choice tests) 1 for A, 2 for B, etc. I would just purposely miss 1 or 2 each test. Made an A. I still owe that guy...

lunchboxslayer27 (author)2009-09-04

it would be better if the info was on the inside of the shirt, and some random design was on the outside to cover up the inside stuff.

SchfiftyFive21 (author)2009-01-25

it would take waaaaay longer to do this than to study

GorillazMiko (author)2008-11-01

Agreed with gagfilms. Nice idea though.

gagfilms (author)2008-10-31

Good idea....but studying would probably get you further in life. :)

sorinescu (author)2008-10-31

Good tip, i just to go back to school

ventsi (author)2008-10-30

good idea but better if you study :):):)

greeenpro (author)2008-10-30

Evil but clever...

brandom741 (author)2008-10-30

thank for sharing with us!!!

ChappyShowcase (author)2008-10-30

I would never even think about cheating, but If i did....great tip!

wibrle (author)2008-10-30

Cool idea :)

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