How to Cheat on a Test With a Shirt





Introduction: How to Cheat on a Test With a Shirt

One of the Easiest and Sneakiest ways to Cheat on a Test. For about 7 dollar you can pass any test you want. Find out how by watching this instructional video.



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    Well done. Just because you know how to cheat doesn't mean you have to. Cheating is a fascinating field of study and some of the methods are ingenius!

    I took astronomy in college and hated my worthless Indian prof. Couldnt understand a word. So I had a good friend tap out answers for me(always multiple choice tests) 1 for A, 2 for B, etc. I would just purposely miss 1 or 2 each test. Made an A. I still owe that guy...

    it would be better if the info was on the inside of the shirt, and some random design was on the outside to cover up the inside stuff.

    it would take waaaaay longer to do this than to study

    Agreed with gagfilms. Nice idea though.

    Good idea....but studying would probably get you further in life. :)

    Good tip, i just to go back to school

    good idea but better if you study :):):)

    thank for sharing with us!!!

    I would never even think about cheating, but If i did....great tip!

    Cool idea :)