Introduction: How to Check the Git Version You Are Running on Mac

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Mac OS X comes with a version of Git baked in. This is convenient, but it is generally always out of date. You can check to see if your version of Git is current by typing "git --version"

But what can be very confusing is that if you installed Git, you might actually be running the built in version.

Step 1: How to Know Which Git You Are Running

If you type "Which Git"

The command line interface will report which install of Git you are running.

If you installed Git (which I recommend) you should see something like "/usr/local/bin/git"

If you are running the Apple version you will see "/usr/bin"


kelseymh (author)2015-02-19

Thanks! I can imagine a couple more things you'll want to add here, as guidance for users who may not be completely command-line savvy.

1) You might want to show the output of |git --version| for the two cases of the Mac built-in vs. the latest install. On my Mavericks machine, I get:

{michaels-mbp:746} which git


{michaels-mbp:747} git --version

git version 1.9.3 (Apple Git-50)

2) You correctly point out the two different paths for a local install vs. the built-in version. It might help users to know how to get the "right" one without having to know and type the path each time. That is, setting PATH in .login or .profile to ensure that /usr/local/bin is earlier in the list than /usr/bin.

3) You may also want to provide a cross-link in the introduction back to your nice I'ble on installing a better version of Git. Relying on the "More by" or "Related" sidebar tabulations may not be a good choice :-)

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