Picture of How To Check The Time
A few ways to find out the time...

Step 1: Check your watch...

Picture of Check your watch...
You are wearing a watch, aren't you?

Look at it.
J@50n6 years ago
u have a new hat in almost every pic
CybergothiChe (author)  J@50n6 years ago
yep...I have different clothes on too...
savana first, then army, then internet page...
CybergothiChe (author)  J@50n6 years ago
it goes : Safari Suit, Overalls, White Shirt, 90's Cool Dude, Black T-Shirt...
Lol how did u "acquire" (right word?) all these? i mean literally who has a safari suit in their closet?
CybergothiChe (author)  J@50n6 years ago
Are you saying that you don't have safari suit just waiting to bust out?
yup thats pretty much what im sayin lol!
CybergothiChe (author)  J@50n6 years ago
Well, you see...I have aquired them through various means...
have u went to the safari?
CybergothiChe (author)  J@50n6 years ago
I've never been on safari, no...I'm a vegitarian
if u wanna try an awesome vegetarian sandwich i got an istructable on it...check it out!
Ha Ha Ha! Were you just bored?! It seems as If you just needed to put an instructable up and didn't have a topic! LOL!
CybergothiChe (author)  M4industries6 years ago
LOL...yes...very bored...but nothing is better to cure bordom than to make an Instructable...
True, very true!
Bartboy6 years ago
Love it....
CybergothiChe (author)  Bartboy6 years ago