A few ways to find out the time...

Step 1: Check Your Watch...

You are wearing a watch, aren't you?

Look at it.
u have a new hat in almost every pic
yep...I have different clothes on too...
savana first, then army, then internet page...
it goes : Safari Suit, Overalls, White Shirt, 90's Cool Dude, Black T-Shirt...
Lol how did u "acquire" (right word?) all these? i mean literally who has a safari suit in their closet?
Are you saying that you <strong>don't</strong> have safari suit just waiting to bust out?<br/>
yup thats pretty much what im sayin lol!
<strong>Well</strong>, you see...I have aquired them through various means...<br/>
have u went to the safari?
I've never been on safari, no...I'm a vegitarian
if u wanna try an awesome vegetarian sandwich i got an istructable on it...check it out!
Ha Ha Ha! Were you just bored?! It seems as If you just needed to put an instructable up and didn't have a topic! LOL!
LOL...yes...very bored...but nothing is better to cure bordom than to make an Instructable...
True, very true!
Love it....

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