Introduction: How-To Check the Level of Your Car's Engine Oil

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We'll be checking the engine oil level using a dipstick provided with the car.

Step 1: Open the Bonnet and Locate the Dipstick

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If you don't know where to look for the dipstick, refer to your car's manual.

open the bonnet, plug the stopper and once you have located the stick, proceed

Step 2: Lift the Stick and Clean

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lift the stick up and clean the residual oil.

Step 3: What Is What

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see the pics.
the cuts on the dipstick show the level of engine oil.
one towards the end is low level and the one towards the length of the stick is high.

Step 4: Dip and See

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Dip the stick in and remove.
now record the level. i have a good level of engine oil currently.

Its just that easy:-)


Dasuth (author)2015-09-28

You might want to mention a cold engine (burn risk) and one that hasn't turned over recently (hasn't been started) as a lot of oil can remain in the sump and excess oil levels will result in an over pressured engine leading to damaged piston heads also be wary of the road camber (arched road) as can give false readings if significant

sidnov (author)Dasuth2015-09-28

roger that :-)

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