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Today i want to show you a simply method to purify the dirty water.
This method isn't the cheapest but is definitely the fastest you can do at home; in future i show another method for survivalist without the source of heat.

If you prefer You can see this short Video for look the result:

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Distill water is not suitable for drinking, because don't have the nutrients of common water.

Step 1: Put Dirty Water in a Large Pot

The first thing to do is choose a large pot and a bowl (i prefer glass) to use for the experiment, the bowl should be smaller than pot.
Put your dirty water in the pot, i used water only with ground and sand.
After put the bowl inside the pot like the photo

Step 2: Use the Ice for Condense the Steam

Take the cap of the pot and put in reverse on it. (Look the image)

Now grab some ice and fill the cap.

Step 3: Use the Heat

Now put the pot on the source of heat...

This step is really important because you have to replace the ice when it melt...

The fisic phenom is really simple, when the water get hot evaporates (hot) and the steam goes up, the steam flies in the pot and clash with the cap of pot (cold) this difference of temperature condenses the steam, transforms it in the water and drips in the clear bowl...

Step 4: Finish

After few time you can open the cap and see 2 thing
1 the clean and distilled water in the bowl
2 in the bottom of the pot the residue of dirty water...


drink distilled water frequently is not healtly for your body because don't have the mineral of common water; this distilled water is very pure, but i am not sure of the presence of toxins
<p>one question if you were in a group who does not care about what you think what would you do?</p>
<p>i am having a lot of trouble doing this</p>
<p>This is NOT distilled water. The water produced is condensed water. </p>
<p>If you have Ice... Why do you need distilled water?</p>
&quot;Distilled&quot; water not is equal of water
<p>Ludvic, if you're actually <em>dependent</em> on the nutrients in dirty <br>water, I am forced to assume that you're attempting to subsist on a diet <br> otherwise consisting solely of Ramen noodles and diet Pepsi.</p>
The nutrient in &quot;common&quot; water, not in the dirty water... <br>
<p>I wonder how much less particulate and unwanted color there would be with a single pass through a coffee filter or paper cup with a bed of cotton balls. Obviously you would still need to sterilize the water, but it's a start.</p>
<p>Ludvic, if you're actually <em>dependent</em> on the nutrients in dirty <br>water, I am forced to assume that you're attempting to subsist on a diet <br> otherwise consisting solely of Ramen noodles and diet Pepsi.</p>
<p>If it were me, I'd just be lazy. Wait for the ice cubes to melt, then drink that!</p><p>I like the concept, though!</p><p>In real world, Battlespeed has the ticket.</p>
This is actually suitable to drink to stay hydrated. Wether it has the nutrients or not does not matter. Being hydrated is surviving.
<p>This is a version of the water pit method. Dig a pit, fill with green plant material (for the moisture). Put a pot in the middle (without plant material over it). Stretch a tarp over the top of the pit and use a rock in the middle so it will sag at that point (over the pot). The sun will heat the pit, causing moisture to evaporate and condense on the undersurface of the tarp. Due to the sag in the middle, it will run toward the center, and fall into the pot.</p>
<p>Very nice!</p>

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