Introduction: How to Clean Game Cartridges to Run Like New!

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I know everyone hates it when you want to play your old Sega or Nintendo game system and your game doesn't load right away and you have to keep retrying and you finally get it to work and you start playing and somebody walks by and the game freezes on you. Well here is the safe way to clean your games so they work just like new. I am not responsible for any damage that may happen to your games or counsels.

Step 1: Supplys

All you need is,
3.The Game

Step 2: Cleaning

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Take one end of the Q-tip and dip it in the windex and rub it up and down through the game on the prongs on both sides until the tip is to dirty to clean and then take the other end and dip it into the windex and start over untill the tip comes out clean.

Step 3: Finished

That is all you have to do now wait till it is dry and try it out.


bdoggy45 (author)2011-12-17

and jiggling the game works too. jigger the game till u get a picture then restarting it works

bigwhitebear18 (author)2009-07-15

New step 1: Blow in it and smack it against your hand. :)

Since saliva attacks mineral components, blowing onto the salt/mineral tech in catridges will worsen/cause problems. Smacking too :)

That is all you have to do sometimes but the game can corrode on the prongs so it doesn't make a connection to the game counsel.

yztay (author)2009-07-17

I use a liquid flux that I clean off with alcohol after that the cartridge is like new

Pazzerz (author)2009-07-16

Its 'cartridges' Shane... I used to own an Atari 800XL that would take cartridges for games, and the old Nintendo's were always screwing up. The solution? A pencil eraser on the contacts. The rubber 'erases' the corrosion and makes them shiny and bright like new.

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