How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard


Introduction: How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard

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Your keyboard is really dirty, but this guide walks you through an effective cleaning process.

Step 1: What to Do.

1. Take the cord and rap it around keyboard.
2. Place the keyboard face down in a dishwasher.(You can wash it with dishes.)
3. Turn on "Heat dry".
4. Add detergent,
5. Let the Dishwasher run full cycle.

Step 2: Finishing Up.

Just let it dry over night.

You can also do this with computer mice and headset on corded phones.



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    you turn the dishwasher off and not on at 00:29-00:31

    Be careful! I Cleaned some light bulbs that were smoked from being near a fire and the dish washing detergent ate the solder?

    From what I've heard, as long as you let it dry, water doesn't even destroy a laptop. Probably has to be off when the water hits it, though. I had a friend that spilled liquid (not water) on his and when he talked to CS about getting it fixed, they said if it was only water it would've worked after drying.

    I can't imagine the computer board inside the keyboard would appreciate all that water very well. I had someone tell me that you could do this a few years ago. I told him to try it on his keyboard first and let me know how it went. I never heard from him again, hmmm . . .

    A keyboard is just plastic and some wires. When you unplug it you have no power. So it is OK to use water. You could take to a car wash. I've clean Video and sound cards in water.

    mhm, itll be fine. the onle problem is you gotta be careful so it dont oxidize, or else you gonna have to use an eraser to get it shiny again.

    omg i dont belive this! finally a solution, but what about the components inside the keyboard like circuitboard

    3 replies

    There really are no components inside a keyboard. The only one you might see a lot of circuitry in, is a wireless one. Taking the batteries out should allow a wireless one to work. With a wireless one you may want to let it dry a little longer. This methood works with electronics dropped in water too. Take the battery out and let it dry for 2 days. Try again.

    my walkie talkie had a ton of smd pieces destroy when left in the rain overnight(the batteries were in)