How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard





Introduction: How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard

Your keyboard is really dirty, but this guide walks you through an effective cleaning process.

Step 1: What to Do.

1. Take the cord and rap it around keyboard.
2. Place the keyboard face down in a dishwasher.(You can wash it with dishes.)
3. Turn on "Heat dry".
4. Add detergent,
5. Let the Dishwasher run full cycle.

Step 2: Finishing Up.

Just let it dry over night.

You can also do this with computer mice and headset on corded phones.



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    you turn the dishwasher off and not on at 00:29-00:31

    Be careful! I Cleaned some light bulbs that were smoked from being near a fire and the dish washing detergent ate the solder?

    what about laptops?

    IIRC, laptop's keyboards are removable...

    i guess you would have to put the whole laptop in there :P That wont work

    Your Serious? Won't that wreck the keyboard?

    From what I've heard, as long as you let it dry, water doesn't even destroy a laptop. Probably has to be off when the water hits it, though. I had a friend that spilled liquid (not water) on his and when he talked to CS about getting it fixed, they said if it was only water it would've worked after drying.

    I can't imagine the computer board inside the keyboard would appreciate all that water very well. I had someone tell me that you could do this a few years ago. I told him to try it on his keyboard first and let me know how it went. I never heard from him again, hmmm . . .

    man the water will stuff it up i am not gonna try it cos water a keyboards dnt mix