Introduction: How to Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!

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Hey momoluvers! Today in making another beauty tutorial and my last for a little while probably. This is a DIY that is super simple and effective. I don't know about you, but I get REALLY bad blackheads and I've always popped them with my nails. It was creating pimples, damaging skin, and downright hurting! I thought there had to be a better way! And luckily there is. I found this on YouTube, but they weren't very thorough with the instructions. So I decided to make my own tutorial!

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Step 1: Supplies

1. Egg whites
2. Paper towel
3. Concealer brush
4. Face wash

Step 2: Prep

Picture of Prep

Put the separated egg whites in bowl.

Rip the paper towel in half (most paper towels have two layers, simply separate them.)

Step 3: First Layer.

Picture of First Layer.

Use the concealer brush to apply egg white liberally where you blackheads are.

Put a small square of paper towel on top of the egg white

Paint over it again with another layer.

Step 4: Add Layers

Picture of Add Layers

Let that dry and apply another layer. Apply at least 2-3 more layers and allow time to dry!

Step 5: Removal

Picture of Removal

When the nose feels like a cast and is a hard plastic texture, rip it off quickly.

Step 6: Wash the Face

Picture of Wash the Face

Now wash your face with cleanser. I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial! If you haven't already, subscribe, become a member of the farm family and give a cow its wings! Love y'all •_£


odysseus_18 (author)2017-08-04

I ll try

Diableros (author)2016-11-26

Thanks for sharing! Great method!

pachytrance (author)2016-10-12

thanks for sharing

oldmanbreadboard (author)2016-08-18

Great instructable! The naysayers always amaze me with their negativity but as my grandad would say, "Some people would complain if you hung them with a brand new rope". They don't even stop to think that you are trying to help them with an all too common embarrassment for teenagers and other ages also. No one else may notice, but you feel like everyone is looking at the blackheads and just want them gone. When you are young the mirror shows imperfections probably only you notice. When you get my age, the mirror shows what everyone sees, a wrinkled old man. Smiling makes wrinkles much harder to see so you gripers, shut up and smile. Life must really stink if all you can do is try to bring other people down.

DeedsG (author)oldmanbreadboard2016-10-07

Well said, I agree. And I liked the "new rope" saying.. good one lol. I know someone who'll find that very amusing. have a good day fella.

BobD31 (author)oldmanbreadboard2016-08-21


well said :)

Chicken Farmer (author)2016-09-02

Actually hens lay eggs without a rooster. In commercial farmers there are no roosters as they do not want the eggs fertilized. Those eggs, non fertilized, are refrigerated and sent to stores - no babies in them.

The existence of a non fertilized egg is simply impossible. Chickens aren't like fishes, wich fertilizates their egg after they give birth. That's the same reason because of the homounculus experiment can't be done.

Kweek (author)GabrielM1692016-09-08

Basic biology dude, eggs aren't fertilized until the chicken mates.

GabrielM169 (author)2016-09-03

I have a doubt: the white of an egg its not what you show in the third image, and as my mother tongue* its not the English but the Spanish, it confuses me.

*I don´t know if that's the correct term, so I'll explain it here: I was meaning to the tongue that you learn and use because it's of your native region.

JenniferB320 (author)GabrielM1692016-09-05

I think those are egg whites - they're a little yellow from lighting perhaps.

Also, "mother tongue" makes sense and is used in English, but "native language" is a more common phrase for this thing.

gbethvv (author)2016-09-05

I have found that you can prevent blackheads easily by using yogurt
with active cultures everyday as a face wash. Makes your skin feel
great and doesn't dry it out either! Rub it on your face and let it sit
for a few minutes (or longer) then rinse it off.

tixxxy (author)2016-08-23

r u a swamp family member?

rbrown65 (author)tixxxy2016-08-28

Y'all get a life

Articwolf27 (author)2016-08-21

Instructions not clear, nose caught in ceiling fan

rhonashill (author)Articwolf272016-08-28

hehehehhehehe giggled my ribs sore! :)

tydryzo (author)Articwolf272016-08-23

Pics or it didn't happen

Albul (author)2016-08-26

Thanks for a nice instructable!

The only thing is I haven't realized how much time it should take before I made it. And I didn't wait for every layer to get dry completely, so the whole pile of became sort of separated from the skin, especially on nostrils. But still I see the result! Next time going to have at least an hour for the whole procedure )

AnnabellaMarie (author)2016-08-24

Egg white facial masks were a big deal back in the day. And you used the yolk on your hair for a complete spa experience! (And to use the entire egg!) Try it on your whole face once or twice a week. It got me through my teenage years.

hen_matt (author)2016-08-23

I would enjoy getting rid of blackheads....

But, I don't condone the use of eggs (for any purpose). The newly born little male chickens gets GRINDED DOWN right after birth because they are of no use.

seabeejpd1 (author)hen_matt2016-08-23


drangiekerchner (author)hen_matt2016-08-23

That might be the case some places, but not always. There are a lot of humane farmers in the world. Our eggs come from our own yard, chickens run freely without a fence. If babies hatch they grow up (both genders). You can choose not to use eggs, but not all egg users are bad, and not all egg farmers are bad. Blackheads? I cannot find any good use for them. I love the simplicity of this tutorial and the low-cost, as well as the use of things that are easily found in most homes.

sheryldominy (author)2016-08-23

thank you

sj0305 (author)2016-08-22

I understood you completely - and I think you did a great job. Thanx for the instructable.

eboz64 (author)2016-08-21

Lmao - it's amazing how people can make me so angry AND just crack me up all at the same time! Why can't people just either say "wow, that's an awesome idea", or if they don't agree, just move on? My mother always taught me that if you didn't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. If you think someone's idea is stupid, or too much trouble, or ineffective, or someone used the incorrect tense, or spelled a word incorrectly, whatever, why not just think it in your head and continue on? Why stir up sh*t, or make someone who's just trying to share their experience and help someone else feel bad or inferior for doing so?

80sBaby81 (author)2016-08-21

I have a great one that works extremely well. Tablets of charcoal from health food store and mix with water or Elmer's glue(not paste). Brush it on your nose and let dry COMPLETELY, Then pull off from the bridge of the nose and go downward towards your lips. I love it works so good. My daughter has serious deep black heads and it worked on her!!!

gboss1 made it! (author)2016-08-21

Very nice tutorial. Takes a while to dry and there's surely products you can buy that do the same thing that come in a package, but this is a DIY site, right? And this method seems quite effective; I can see the little buggers sitting there in the removed cast. I'm sure to repeat this now and then on a lazy sunday :)

enderbrine813 (author)2016-08-20

How quickly does it act?

linda.peck.7311 (author)2016-08-20

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a lot of steps/time but worth a try especially with the cost of the cosmetic products designed to do the same thing.

boocat (author)2016-08-20

Wow, inexpensive alternative to those Biore strips! Paper towelling and glue from egg albumin. Now THAT is clever! Thank you so much for putting this up for us. Going to be doing this real soon.

VivianDinsmore (author)2016-08-20

I am also a member of the "oldmanbreadboard" generation and the young people of today are, at times, very literal. I am here also to tell momoluv that this instructable is something I have been trying to find an answer to for a while now. I am going to try it tonight. I believe it will do the trick. Thank you for your willingness to help and serve the community in this way. Giving us ways to help ourselves using what we already have. I think you ROCK.

RockeyDA (author)2015-08-13

whats wrong with black heads? i think it looks un natural- border line wierd when some ones face is free of all defects. also did not know they made special soap for face. i just buy a bar of Irish spring, the cheapest generic dandruff shampoo and call it a day.

p0laris (author)RockeyDA2016-08-18

Blackheads aren't "defects", they're dirt and oils you haven't cleaned off your face that seeped into your pores. Blackheads are the yellow teeth of your face.

AgnieszkaK2 (author)p0laris2016-08-20 I don't even know what to say... because it is so wrong what you said, Blackheads are generally results of hormonal imbalance, alergies or other sickness e.g sick thyroid or adenomas... Nose blackheads has nothing with poor hygiene but everything with your inner health

bigdeisel2d (author)p0laris2016-08-18

I've heard the oxygen in the air makes them black in color.

p0laris (author)bigdeisel2d2016-08-19

Interesting. Not sure I believe that one though (not that I've looked into it). I know if you squeeze one of those gooey little suckers out, it's only black on the surface so maybe that is true?

momoluv (author)RockeyDA2015-08-13

Blackheads are actually clogged hair follicles. There is dirt and oil trapped under your skin and it can make the skin unhealthy. Removing them is simply like brushing your teeth or wearing deodorant. It's just hygienic to remove them.

Katie5757 (author)momoluv2016-01-06

blackheads are caused by open pores..the sebum attracts dirt..what do you do to close the pores up?? Seems like this is the time to deal with this... witch hazel? splash the face with cold water?

Yes ...and different skin in different parts of the face....the skin around the eyes is very duct tape please.....However as this skin is so fine, doubt you would notice any blackheads....The T-zone sweats more, hence a few skin issues.

JazB2 (author)Katie57572016-08-20

You can't close pores, if you did it would create a spot or abcess as sweat etc became trapped inside.

X_HACKER_X (author)momoluv2016-08-18

Wow i just saw this after i replyed the other thing about this

Manuel-LeonhardR (author)2016-08-20

In germany we use the product "Luvos Heilerde Akne". It's the same result with natrually ingredients and not with chemical things and eggs...

hippiechk (author)2016-08-18

Its a DIY pore strip, seems to do the job! I love DIY although for me its got to save me some money or be healthier.

80sBaby81 (author)hippiechk2016-08-19

Try using charcoal tablets from health food store.. mix with water make it a paste and apply wherever and peel!! Charcoal works great on my daughter and she has bad blackheads.. she's gotta go to a dermatologist

xxxCHICAGOxxx (author)2016-08-19

These work like Biore Strips, but a lot cheaper.

BastidgeC (author)2016-08-19

Why do you believe those are blackheads?

kimkaschiller (author)2016-08-19

Great Instructable!!! However, may I add that the "blackheads" are not such? They are sebaceous filaments... Here is a good article RE: sebaceous filaments

The Instructable is still great, but please understand, a blackhead is a pimple and can be removed *end of story* (happy for all of us!!)

Not so with a sebaceous filament; they will return again and again and again and again. The skin must make them <sigh>

QTPi (author)kimkaschiller2016-08-19

I have noticed these on my nose and recently I had a blackhead on my nose as well. I hated it. It's ugly head was staring at me daily. My son has 1 as well. I can't wait to plaster his face with egg white since I have been obsessed with it. He also doesn't like it.

But for years I noticed the tendency in my family to have large pores on our noses. I hate these large pores even if they are a family trait. So, I have tolerated them. I am a pretty down to earth girl and don't like to think I am vain but I hate these large ugly pores. I can't wait to try to shrink them. Then all we be right with the world.

p.s. As I get older, my skin produces less oil, thus making the filaments appear smaller (yay!)

PattyP17 (author)2016-08-19

Nice Instructable! I like the fact that you've got people going to look closely in the mirror and that you posted an all-natural method for a problem that many struggle with. I guess I prefer the Biore strips. Fast, no mess. I have freaked out a friend at my last office job by using the excess sticky parts of a book of U.S. postage stamps. You know, the larger books for the decorative stamps. I don't know about now, but they used to have a wasted area of adhesive paper that worked great - and no waiting after pressing down on your nose really well. She was freaked when I showed her the resulting microscopic forest after my first trial run. I guess you could use actual large decorative first class stamps, but that might be expensive. Maybe they would still stick to an envelope? Ew.

I only use the Biore strips every 1 - 3 months, after the first few months of monthly use. My pores became much smaller and usually no blackness, but they still require occasional deep cleasing.

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