How to Color Code


Introduction: How to Color Code

HEYY GUYS!! I'm so, so, sorry that I didn't get to make an instructable for a LONG time. I was busy because I was had to go on 2 trips and it's back to school. But NOW IM BACK and I hope you guys understand and LETS GET STARTED!!! weird

Step 1: Place a Sign

Step 2: Go to the Numbers

Once you're there, you have to hold on "&" then you'll get "§". After you pick a number like 5, it will give you a color....then you get to type what you want.

Step 3: See...


I hope you guys like it! If you're new please like~follow me!!? To get a shoutout, comment what I should do next for my next instructable!!?

Step 5: AND.........

Here is a list of color codes!



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    cool thx bud

    Yes!!!! I literally LOVE your instructables!!!

    {Well not literally, but you know what I mean} :)

    Thanks for the cute comment by the way. Glad someone's happy

    if u want a shoutout in my next instructable tell me what to build for example a fireplace. But i already made an instructable for that :)

    OMG!!! thank you sooo much! this will help me with LOT'S of furniture! This will really help. I love your new photo too! the cat's sooo adorbs!

    I already follow you so i'm sorry I can't help with the followers thing. i'll try and get some others to follow you though. :D :3 :P :)

    hope I get more followers before Sept 20