How to Color Sheep on MC


Introduction: How to Color Sheep on MC

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My first indestructable!

Step 1: Find the Objects

So first off find the objects you need to make dye. In my case I'm making yellow dye.

Step 2: The Sheep

You will now need to find a sheep(s).

Step 3: Dye

Now create your colored dye.

Step 4: COLORS!

Now have the dye in your hand and press and hold on the sheep as you would with shears. (I don't know if this works on PC or Xbox sorry.) voila! You now have a colored sheep! (This is my first indestructable so sorry if you got confused.)



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    It works on all editions of minecraft to the best of my knowledge

    DIY means Do It Yourself. I saw you question on an instructables. :D

    Oh cool I never knew that! Thanks for the tip! ;)