Want to compose music but aren't sure where to start? Look here to find out

(sorry for some of the pictures apparently they stopped working on me, and yes some are from the internet)

Step 1: #1 - Why?

What a simple question, why do you want to compose music. Not that it is really necessary to composing, but it may give you a good headstart, or a passion to get through.
Thanks!! Great advice.
4 years later--- any songs?
cd41, I am one of those who can hardly read some notes on the staff, yet I have composed some songs. It does not take paper and pencil to compose songs, you need to have enthusiasm and ideas.
The correct website for the blank sheet music is blanksheetmusic.net.
No offence mate but i have bean able to read music since a small boy and if i was a beginer this would not help me out in any way shape or form
I'm afraid to say that this wasn't the most useful instructable ever. In fact I disagree with relatively large sections of it. Poor show
really? If i may ask what parts?
Well to begin with, I didn't feel the "borrowed" images from the internet really added anything to the instructable, but I guess some people like a little colour. I find it bizarre that you'd go to the effort of putting in random images of people having fun or conducting but then hand draw (poorly) the staff. Can you really not find any online images copyright free? Is it too much trouble to draw a line in paint, then copy and paste it four times to make your own? It probably would have been quicker and easier than hand drawing, photographing and uploading. Putting in a bass clef backwards, acknowledging this error but not doing anything to fix it is insane. As for bits I really disagree with, "You would think so but, it is important to know your style." Doesn't make a great deal of sense to begin with, but if you're getting at genres and suggesting that you should put your music into a box before its even written, then there's something to disagree with. I mean fair enough, minor key for sad feeling etc. but you don't explain anything useful like that. As for "Where to start? I guess with the very beginning To be honest I am not sure how to explain it." Then perhaps you shouldn't try? Sorry that's bitchy but seriously you're writing an instructable which you admit you don't know how to explain! The majority of this instructable seems to point to composing on paper without an instrument in front of you. Perhaps if you are a musical genius then this is possible, but I think most people are going to need to hear what they're playing. I certainly cannot see a note and instantly know what it sounds like pitch perfect. I really don't want to be a forum troll and just flame people, but I have to stand up and point out where things need improvement. Sorry to be harsh.
Its alright, but you can't really say how to write music with words, its more of a spontanious thing. When I finish my next instructable I will show you stuff to improve this.
No offense but why does everyone think I need help?
everything you said just seems like common sense to learn, i think, to anyone who would be looking to write music. but like i said, thats just what i think so dont go get offended. I personally would recommend getting a book on theory and learn it well first, than assuming you already play an instrument it isnt too hard.
well the part about music theory in this 'ible is for someone who knows some thing but is like rusty with the subject i just typed what was easiest at the time and let the video explain the 1/4 out of the half of the basics i covered. Thanks for your input
you need help? when did i say that?
nvm i can tell this isn't going to go anywhere good, thank you for your comment...
no I think it's good! Just you need to put stuff like scales in
yeah, jsut made this in a night so not the best but i will update it.

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