I have had this grill for 3 years and have used it way more than I thought I would.  I am going through 3 tanks of propane per year, so it was time to make the switch to natural gas.  Please note:  I am a do-it-yourselfer, not a licensed gas plumber.  Do this project at your own risk.
<p>I just retrofitted my gas stove back to natural gaz (from propane). I wanted to maximize precision so I sent them a local machine shop where they are within +- 1/10000&quot; ... (plus they charged me only $30 cnd)<br>I picked those guys b/c my other options were:<br>$500-600 cnd for original orifices with tubes from OEM<br>$1-4k cnd for another stove (used or new)</p><p>Luckily enough, my stove mfg (Frigidaire but most do) put a label in the drawer with the orifices sizes for both gases. (mm)<br>LP: <br>0.61<br>0.87<br>0.87<br>0.97<br>NG:<br>1.07<br>1.54<br>1.54<br>1.84</p><p>For the overly curious, this corresponds to the equation y = -0,2855x2 + 1,2984x - 0,4524. where y is propane and x is natural gaz. I wouldn't use that equation for other equipment without safely testing CO emissions.</p><p>P.S.: orifice size is 7mm for most stoves.</p>
Thanks for the additional info. Nice conversion!

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