How to Crack Your Back





Introduction: How to Crack Your Back

I have had some lower back pain for the past few years.  Cracking my back, daily helps, quite a bit.



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    Hello, first of all i´m a medical expert, but i´m not english natural speaker, so i will try to expain it simple and clear ^^

    The force that you make in your internal structures when turning is too fast and the body is not naturally prepared to it. My advise to you is to make it much slower.I know that it relieves you, and you were trying to help, but what you do can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to some people. The pain could be caused for a broken ligament or bone, and your "tecnic" can cause serious damages.

    I have to say too that the stretching that he makes before doing it is a very good idea for releasing presure in the back, and in case you want to try the "crack" you should do it .

    Anyways if you dont know the origin of any kind of pain, please go to an expert,

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    Thanks for the cautionary advice. Sometimes I have my wife stand beside the bed and press down on my leg. She has to shove down pretty hard and fast to get it to crack. My back may be stronger/stiffer than most.

    Sorry to say that but it is more probable that your ligaments have elongated too much, and now you need more range in order to make the same tension.

    I´m not saying that you are gonna break ^^ but everybody needs to take care.

    Thanks for your perspectime. I have one more question, if you wouldn't mind answering. I find I feel absolutely perfect after I ride a flowrider surfing machine. When I fall, which is often, the 30 mph water flow tosses me around like a rag doll. After a few rides, I feel zero back pain, no matter what I do. Why is that, do you think? Thanks.

    Probably is just the heating of the tissues when making exercise, but without even seeing you i cant tell you much more than that :)

    I am not sure that is it. I run 5 miles, twice a week, and I don't get that relief from tissue warming. Is it possible that all the tossing around, cracks my back really well?

    How I crack my back is I get my older brother to squeeze me.

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