Step 10: Creating Your Lamp

Believe it or not we have one additional, but much faster object of torment to complete, your lamp. This item will also display personally selected words of self-loathing (I have chosen Tart, Bitch, Slut, and Cheater).
First you must decide if you want your words to be projectable or read on the lampshade itself. If you want them to project, make sure you have a strong enough lamp or prepare to use an alternative light source, as I did. I found that the light bulb in my desk lamp created light that was far too dispersed, so I switched to a Tealight.
If you want your words to just be read on the lamp shade, trace out your block letters with a pencil and have at it with your X-Acto knife.
If you want them to project on to a wall you’ll need to write your letters backwards, then cut them out with an X-Acto knife.
OMG!... Can u use those words on the internet?<br>:p

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