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In this short Instructable, I will help you begin your own small 'business'. Things I will be showing you include names, logo's, what your business will be about, and if your going to be serious about it or not. The Business I have created is a Machinima creating business named Heavily Armoured Studios ©. This means I use MMORPG's in order to create a video through recording in-game video of my own character and my friends', and have them go on small adventures. During this there will be talking animations, in which, I record my voice, and my friends', and organize the voices overtop of the actions so it -seems- like you are the one in the game. However, this instructable will show you how to create a basic business, of any sort.

Step 1: Components

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The things you will be doing, to create you're very own business!

- Business Name
- Business Premise
- Business Plan
- Business Advertisement
Mr. Noack2 years ago
You should change the title of your instructable to something about creating an animated logo. The focus should be animation and logo creation instead of a business. Make sure to embed the video in instructable.