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I recently created this business presentation to show it to my investor and I'm glad that the time I spent on my thinking process is well worth it. If you are in the creative industry, this might work for you too. :) Oh, and by the way, it is super low cost and outstanding! 

ps- This presentation is solely based upon my own story, super original. Happy in creating your own! :D x

Step 1:

Here's what you need;

A pair of Scissors
Brown Paper
White Drawing Paper
Glue Stick
Color Pencils
Marker Pen ( I use Sharpie)

<p>This is very helpful and useful.</p>
This is great. Thank you so much for this. I have been trying to find places online and get things like this because I need some <a href="http://www.kfcommunications.com/marketing-coaching" rel="nofollow">marketing coaching</a> before I interview for a new job. Wish me luck.
this is really great

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