In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a NFC detector. It's very easy.

Step 1: Parts

All you will need is :
-wire (any decent length)
-NFC Enabled device

Step 2: Making the Coil

Just wrap the wire in a coil around your 4 fingers (I'm 14 so try 3 fingers if your older). Leave the first and last bit of the wire out. You don't need as much as I used but oh well.

Step 3: Tape It Down

Tape the top part so it doesn't fall apart. Pretty simple.

Step 4: Strip the Ends

Strip the ends of the wire, I used solid wire but ANY thin wire will work :)

Step 5: Bend the Wires

Bend the ends of the wire in so its easier to attach the LED. (You don't have to if your using clips or soldering)

Step 6: Attach the Led

Just put the LED in the bent bits and it is FINISHED! (This can get very annoying)

Step 7: Turn on NFC

Turn on NFC on your phone. Simple.

Step 8: ITS TIME

Place your phone on top! DONE WOW OMG POWER I'm not kidding you, this works!
<p>hey i know you made this years ago but hopefully you'll be able to answer my question. im trying to make a wristband that senses another wristband when they touch or are extremely close. could this work? say the coil would go round the wrist? and the band would also have an nfc chip for other wristbands to sense. or would the circuit always just sense the nfc chip that is in the band?</p>
<p>works. nice! </p>
Doesn't work with me
Double check that your phone has a nfc feature :)
My phone does have NFC it's just that it was only a faint flicker do you have any easy to make it brighter.<br>Thx<br>
<p>Great job on your first Instructable! You've made this look really easy. I hope we see more from you in the future!</p>

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