Introduction: How to Create a New Personality

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This is your very handy guide on how to create a completely new personality.  Let's say you are tired of being yourself, and you are looking for an escape, this is a full proof way of "birthing" a whole new you!

Step 1: Materials

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-One Container (I suggest a bowl or hat)
-Several Pieces of Paper (about an inch in width)

Step 2: Suggestions

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Ask the people you invited to participate to each take multiple pieces of paper and write down different qualities, adjectives, and/or traits.  They may write on as many as they wish.

Once they finish this, each person should fold their suggestions and place them in the container you have provided.

Step 3: Drawing

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Once everyone has submitted their characteristics, choose any number of suggestions from the container (I suggest 5-10).  Lay them out, and analyze each word.

Step 4: Embody

Congratulations!  You have just created a completely new, and hopefully different person.  You can become this person for as long as you see fit.  Who knows, maybe you will like the new you and never go back.


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