How To Create Dragonballs In Blender: Cycles Render

Picture of How To Create Dragonballs In Blender: Cycles Render
In this instructable, I will show you how to create the Dragonballs from DBZ in Blender. Letsa' go!!!
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Step 1: Creating The Balls.

Picture of Creating The Balls.
2014 19:57.jpg
2014 19:57.jpg
Now, the first step is to load up blender and remove that cube. (Press 'x' and then 'enter')
Now we can press (Shift+A) and select 'UV Sphere' and press the 'Smooth shader' to the left.

Now we have that out of the way we can texture the ball. To do this we need to have the Blender render changed to Cycles render.

Step 2: Texturing The Balls

Picture of Texturing The Balls
2014 19:56.jpg
2014 19:57.jpg
2014 19:57.jpg
2014 19:57.jpg
Now we have Cycles render on we can begin to texture the ball.

To do this we drag out the Menu on our right until we see a red radioactive symbol. (Best definition ever). And press on it.

Now you need to press on new to create a new texture. There should be some options under a tab named surface. Open that tab if it isn't already.

Now there should be a drop box with the word 'Diffuse' in it. Press on this and a bunch of options will appear. You need to select 'Mix Shader'

Now under the Dropbox there should be a box labeled 'Fac'. Click on the slider and type in a value of ( .200 ) but without the brackets.

Now we need to select the top drop box out of the two labeled 'None' and a bunch of options will appear. Select the one labeled as 'Transparent BSDF' and change to colour to any shade of orange you would like.

For the second box labeled 'None' (the only box labeled 'none' now). You will need to click and set this as 'Glossy BSDF' and change the colorectal to be the same shade of orange but make it slightly lighter. And also Shane the roughness value to '0.100'

Now this step is complete.

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