Picture of How To Create Mayan Masks
Before we start you should now a little about the Mayan Masks.
The mask has deep meanings all related to the dichotomy of man and cosmos in which the first is an active figure in the creation of the second , is then an extension of the face mask that allowed carrying who acquire the character or attributes of the entity represented .
In an effort to preserve the faces of its rulers , the Maya developed wooden masks that far from being mounted on a frame were directly placed on the face of the monarch , ie are not as appreciated today in museums , but I applied a thin layer to face stucco on which were placed the pieces of wood . All this to give a face to the King eternal and be recognized by the gods on his final journey .
Another aspect pointed out that its use was permissible in some ceremonies where actors or dancers avail themselves of them in certain ceremonies . The use and meaning of masks among the Maya is very far from that given on the continent where they served as a disguise to hide the true personality of the wearer , on the contrary sought to preserve for eternity the best face to stay in the eternal presence of the gods.

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Step 1: Get The Materials To Create Your Mask

Picture of Get The Materials To Create Your Mask
As Always You will need to get this materials to create your own Mask. And The Materials You Need Are:
-1 Hammer
-1 Piece of Wood(The Size Doesn't Matter)
-1 Sandy Machine
-1 Chinsel
-1 Knife

Step 2: Cutting The Wood

Picture of Cutting The Wood
To Create Your Mask the Second Step you need to do is to Make a Cube of wood. After you make the cube you have to make the design of your mask. Use a marker in the wood to Create The Desing. Dont Make a design that is too complicated,remember you are a beginner and you don't have all the skill that is needed to create complicated masks. Try to make the desing that is in the Picture.

RubenB1 year ago
You forgot to mention the years of doing this every day to the point where it becomes second nature. Incredible masks but the instructions need years of work.
dirtsa3601 year ago
Good work, however none of the memebers appeared in the photos.
SinAmos1 year ago
w666est1 year ago
So basically the instruct able is: get wood, carve it into what you want. Paint it.

Here is my instructable for making a perfect swan sculpture from granite!

1) get a chunk of granite.
2) get masonry tools
3) remove any bit of the chunk of granite that doesn't resemble a swan.
wow! the maya people are very creative! great work :)
Datawolf1 year ago
In part 1 you forgot 2 requirements : skills and talent !