Ok, so some of you may have seen my other instructable using this same wall for other shelving ideas.  Although the others ideas were cool I think this one takes the cake.
{I also had issues finding any instructions on how to create this shelving system so I thought I would remedy this.}

The main resource I did find online was this one here... http://www.ronhazelton.com/archives/howto/recessed_shelves.shtm

I am using this as a base for this Instructable, and just altering it to fit my situation and experience.

Step 1: Location, Location, Location...

Step one would be to find a spot for this shelf/ book case... Think about what you need as far as the size of the books, games or objects that are going to be housed on theses shelves.

The place I chose was a odd 3 ft. wide wall that was about 15 inches deep.  To me it appeared to be wasted space that I could do something with.  Other spots you could do a similar project with would be under the stairs or in a half wall.

I am using mine for books and magazines so I built my shelves to be about 8 inches deep and 26 inches wide.
An excellent instructible. Very clear step by step explanations. Am inspired to try this project! Great use of space - your recessed shelf is a very useful addition.
That's really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that looks really nice!<br />
Very nice looking job.<br /> Was there anything in that thing - e.g. pipes?<br /> <br /> L<br />
No, not really.&nbsp; I had one electrical outlet/line near the bottom of the short wall but the lines were nowhere near where I was working and already staples up and out of my way.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Other than the stud I cut out there was nothing else.&nbsp; It's too bad I couldn't have hinged it for a secret stash spot (trust me I tried). &nbsp; <br />
I have to think &quot;why?&quot; Perhaps it was intended to run pipes down there, maybe the plans changed but the drywall guys didn't get an update so they boxed in that space anyway?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Your guess is as good as mine...&nbsp; I basically thought it was stupid and the earlier shelves I created were cool, but just didn't cut it and stuck out from the wall (being wall mounted).&nbsp; I thought, &quot;why not put them in the wall?!&quot;, then researched what it took to do so.&nbsp; <br />
I know - they forgot to put the body in there!<br /> <br /> L<br />

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