Step 6: Build Your Bookcase...

So you build your book shelves/case... 

At this point you go by your plans and choose if you want fixed shelves or adjustable.  I am wanting some versatility so I am doing adjustable.  In order to do this simply you could barrow some ¼ inch peg board from a friend, and use the peg board as a jig.  I actually chose to use actual hardware I picked up from Lowe's.

As you can see I did mine out of butcher block because of cost.  I am only building a box with a top, bottom and sides out of the butcher block and then putting a back on using some luan or paneling (again to save on cost). There was one shelf that I nailed and screwed in about 12 inches from the bottom (for structural strength and usability).

Painting, sealing or staining... that's all up to you.  I would suggest sealing it somehow.  I decided to paint mine white to match the other trim and things in my office.

An excellent instructible. Very clear step by step explanations. Am inspired to try this project! Great use of space - your recessed shelf is a very useful addition.
That's really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that looks really nice!<br />
Very nice looking job.<br /> Was there anything in that thing - e.g. pipes?<br /> <br /> L<br />
No, not really.&nbsp; I had one electrical outlet/line near the bottom of the short wall but the lines were nowhere near where I was working and already staples up and out of my way.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Other than the stud I cut out there was nothing else.&nbsp; It's too bad I couldn't have hinged it for a secret stash spot (trust me I tried). &nbsp; <br />
I have to think &quot;why?&quot; Perhaps it was intended to run pipes down there, maybe the plans changed but the drywall guys didn't get an update so they boxed in that space anyway?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Your guess is as good as mine...&nbsp; I basically thought it was stupid and the earlier shelves I created were cool, but just didn't cut it and stuck out from the wall (being wall mounted).&nbsp; I thought, &quot;why not put them in the wall?!&quot;, then researched what it took to do so.&nbsp; <br />
I know - they forgot to put the body in there!<br /> <br /> L<br />

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