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For a long-long time many people were looking for this cool recipe of making something interesting for yourself. And I was one of them until last days. In my quest I came across the Jammer Store blog post called How To Make Your Cell Phone Jammer: DIY Guide. It inspired me to make something like that by myself.

All necessary info, schemes and pictures are there, so I tried. The result is represented in this humble guide for you.

Step 1: The Basics

Picture of The Basics

This signal jammer uses 800MHz frequency to operate because many cell phones are working on the same frequency. So I chose the sweeping oscillator as my VCO. It is really efficient yet may be difficult to use if you are beginner without some semi-professional RF-testing tools.

The clock oscillator (45MHz) is driving a local oscillator port as my noise source and is located on the mixer of the mini circuit. To equate the impedance of a clock oscillator with the mixer there is an impedance matching network. Local oscillator signal goes through this network and impedance is matched.

The 800MHz antenna from the old cell phone is connected to the RF input (mixer port). The RF output then goes to the amplifier located on the mini circuit. The amplifier will increase produced output by 15-16dbm of pure power. The empowered signal is going to another old phone antenna.
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shiaulteyr3 years ago
Swapping out the sweeping oscillator with one from the phone itself, an old router - if you're interested in those bands - and other electronics (such as old RC toys, which makes those crack-of-dawn RC plane enthusiasts quite down nicely) should work with this design too. That is, in theory at least. Great project to experiment with though!! Good work!

Just on the IED topic there - we used to use a similar device in Afghanistan when the opportunity presented itself and I know that many Police agencies have them in their arsenal - where they provide, I'm sure, much more use than they did for us! (By the time you find out it's a cellular triggered device, you're probably already picking up what's left of it after it went off the day before! Not to mention, setting the phone's alarm as a backup/failsafe is immune to jamming - as are grenades).
and i hate to say / type this. depending on the phone. the alarms wil still go off even if its in stand by mode. then depending on the phones battery, it can be in stand by for up to a week. if u want it to last longer put in a small solar panel.
BearGrills (author)  shiaulteyr3 years ago
Thank you for nice words and advices! It is pleasant to know that similar devices are saving lives out there :)
fatma daly10 days ago

helllo.i need some infomation to creat a anti jamming and i don't kniw actually from what i begin ! if any one have some infomation send me email and thanks a lot


EddyM427 days ago

Hi, I want to build a 40 meter cell phone jammer. how can i boost 10 meters to 40 meter? anyone help

DerpyCyclops2 months ago

Would this work on combat robots to negate signals from a remote control?

Harshir3 months ago

Has any one done it..?

Did it worked..?

I wanna do it as my final year project..

Can u plz let me Know..(criticalpersonality@gmail.com)

Hi, I have taken RF circuit design course in my grad school ( Basically I am in VLSI field, so I am novice RF circuit designer!) I understood your schematic well, i.e requirement of matching n/w the transmission lines, and how this works and all, so i thought I shoould make it. So I started with finalizing 45Mhz crystal, To my surprise, I was not able to locate the Output Impedance of OUT pin of the OScillator anywhere in any of the datasheet i referred/read. So can you tell me :
1) Am I missing anything, the last thing I saw as Ohm was ESR ( Extended Series Resistance ) in few Datasheets, Should I assume that its the OUT impedance?
2) Is there any formulations and all ?
3) If you can, pls mail me at kk.1821(at)gmail(dot)com

Have you done the project??

Has it worked..?

Where did u find the Antenna in old phone

ShimiM3 months ago
ShimiM3 months ago
PackiasamyL4 months ago


can you make a jammer and send it to me? I will send the amount to your Bank A/c 9445512812 LOURDUSAMY

johar.raza.74 months ago

Can you tell me HOW to increase the range of Jammer? Please send email at joharraza999@gmail.com.

vssudarshan4 months ago

Hey there,can u just tell me how much do all these parts cost(in total) in India(chennai).Ph no: 8939409860,just send a msg and i'll reply back.

how can i change the freq to 900

minijc5 months ago
can i ask what the range of this is? and how you could increase it?
mirchivikky5 months ago

bro if sm1 hs send u the list of ths component plz send me also
my email id cherryberryvikky@gmail.com

mirchivikky5 months ago

bro if sm1 hs send u the list of ths component plz send me also
my email id


AkashA110 months ago

price of the oscillator in india and total circuit in india let me know via sms.

ph no; - 8906963960

don't call please just sms me.

YusefE AkashA17 months ago

Hi, just some advice... don't make you phone number public on the internet.

I'm not telling you what to do, or how, just some friendly advice.

8906****** =

Location : West Bengal/Andaman Nicobar,

Operator : Aircel

I could go on but for the sake I privacy I won't.

YusefE YusefE7 months ago

of privacy*

bahrianx YusefE5 months ago

how ?


Martinae  YusefE5 months ago
How did u do that.

Can you send us the mobile jammer details and the procedure.You can send us the email on parthdesai396@gmail.com.

Send us the mail as fast as possible.

LalitS27 months ago

on which software i can implement this circuit diagram????? pls explain

AndrésM47 months ago

what should I do if I want to build a wifi jammer?


santpyara1 year ago

pls show the circuit

There is a schematic of the device in the lower right hand corner of the photo in step 3.
Left click on the photograph of the schematic. Everything is clearly
labeled. If you cannot read this schematic, you probably have no
business trying to build the device

kushalverma9 months ago

what's its range????

mbaseman9 months ago


Any way of getting BOM and/or schematic? Or other websites with similar info?

chiruc11 months ago

it is very easy to prepare...............?@chiruchary123@gmail.com

chiruc11 months ago

it is very easy to prepare...............?@chiruchary123@gmail.com

azif.wbender11 months ago

how can i increase the signal to this device?im working on a college project,but i have no idea with these electronic stuff. i need much help,thank u. email me here perfake92@yahoo.com

am tech1 year ago

but I think I'm going to make it anyway!

am tech1 year ago

isn't this illegal I was reading a jammer article that says if they caught you th

ed lock you up and throw away the key.

can i use a crystal oscillator insted of the one u used in the project

can i use a crystal oscillator insted of the one u used in the project

can i use a crystal oscillator insted of the one u used in the project

hohum1 year ago

I noticed there is knot of red and black, is that where you put the ferrite cores?

Shajeel1 year ago

mere baaaaaap circuite tou dikha de kam se kam

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