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Hey Everyone! If you've got a special baby in your life that needs a little something to keep warm in the winter months, we'll I've got an answer for you! Make them a baby pod! Here are some simple instructions to make a cute little baby outfit! For more tutorials, subscribe to us on iTunes and check out our website at Threadbanger.com.

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Step 1: Measuring the baby!

Picture of Measuring the baby!
1. First take out an old sweatshirt and your baby. Measure your baby from head to toe and diagonally mark the measurement onto your sweatshirt.
aarnold111 year ago
I love it! It gives the comfort of a swaddle, but still gives the arms freedom to move about. I'll definitely be making at least one of these!
darkmuskrat7 years ago
This would be awsome for all canadian parents.. Its -2 for 4 months of the year :P
That's a cute toy you have there! And awesome Instructable too! :-)