Introduction: How to Create a Logo of Your Own

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Hello again,
I'm here to Show You How to easily and simply Create a Logo of Your own.

Step 1: Making Up Ideas for Your Logo.

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 For Creating a Logo, You must become creative, making up something that is Dead spot on, catchy and bold for people to see.
For Myself i created a Simple one with JG. Making a bunch of different fonts, picturing for the letters. 
When finished creating a logo that I found satisfied, I Chose it and heading on to a website to create it better. 

Step 2: Website for Logo Creation

I have Located a Website to Allow you to Create your Own type of Logo.
The Link Itself is Located here:

Step 3:

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When You have Located the Source of the Website. 
Click On Start Designing to begin or Click on How it works for a Short  video on how to Create logos.
On the left side is a Show to how to create your Own Logo with some help. On the right allows you to start selecting your own type of Style logo to create.
There are 5 Different Types of logo categories. Business, General, Non-Profit, Political, And Team, Each has their own Type/style of logos.
Enjoy Creating your very own logo!

Step 4: Completing the Final Draft of the Logo

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 When you are completed your logo in the website.
Click the yellow Button Saying "Finish"
Now it shows you to Four different selections
Choose the First one And the Agreement will Pop up and Accept to the agreement
Then A File Download will appear Click Save and Save it To Your recommended folder And Volia!
Your logo is Now completed and Saved to Use it for whatever you needed to be used for.


rachelwellington123 (author)2014-09-02

This software is okay if you want to make a logo for
non-commercial use; however, if you want to create a logo for a website or
company, you should always invest money in good logo design services. Take a
look at this company profile if you want to create a professional logo.

lfors1 (author)2014-05-20

Thank you very much. I'll try this site. Ranshe always made logos only

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