Introduction: How to Create a Sexy Cat-Eye Look

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In this fast-paced, capitalist world, where every commercial and magazine is telling you to "Do this" and "Stop that", "Buy this" and "Shed those extra pounds". There's always constant pressure to be some insane standard of "beautiful".
A first impression is extremely important in many facets of life. So here's my instructable on one of the first steps you can do to put your best face forward!
I know you are all beautiful without make up, but I'm hoping these techniques will help enhance your already gorgeous eyes!

Step 1: Step 1: Mascara

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Coat the upper and lower lashes with a coat of mascara. I suggest doing the top one first.
Place the wand at the base of the upper lashes, sweep up while wiggling the wand from side to side.
Now, looking down slightly, coat the other side of your lashes, now you have mascara covering the entire lash.
Finish the upper lashes by placing the wand at the base of the lashes and sweeping upward from root to tip.

On the bottom lashes , use the tip of your wand (make sure there's no 'goop' on the end) and bush it from left to right, giving them a light coating. Make sure to separate any clumped lashes!

Repeat on the other eye.

Step 2: Step 2: Eyeliner

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Using a well-sharpened eyeliner pencil, draw a thin line as close to the lash line as possible.
Make sure you start your line a quarter of the way out from the inner corner of your eye. If you start from the very inner corner, it will close your eyes up and make them look smaller. We don't want that, do we now!
When you're nearing the outer corner of the eye, you may thicken the line slightly.
At the very outer corner, wing the line outwards, following the shape of the lashes.

Repeat on the other eye.

Step 3: Step 3: Base Shadow

Picture of Step 3: Base Shadow

The next step is to take a nude shimmery peach or beige and apply it to the entire lid (the shade on the left).
Using your finger or an eye shadow brush, apply this neutral colour starting at the top to the eyeliner all the way to the eyebrow.
Make sure it covers the whole area above the eye, from the inner corner to the outer corner, to about where you winged eyeliner ends.

Repeat on the other eye.

Step 4: Step 4: Contouring Shadow

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Next, use a darker complementary shade in the crease (the shade on the right). Usually, two colours will come together, making this even easier!
Load an eye shadow brush with the darker colour, making sure to tap off the excess, and dab it into the outer area of the crease. Extend the colour about halfway across the eye. Again, applying it to the entire crease will close in the eye, making it look smaller.
On the outer edge, extend the shade slightly up and out, following the line of the eyeliner, this is what really gives the "cat eye" look!

Repeat on the other eye.

Step 5: Step 5: Brighten

Picture of Step 5: Brighten

The final step is very simple.
All you do is dab your pinkie or ring finger in some white eye shadow, and dab it in the inner corners of the eye.
This will instantly brighten your eyes, and make them look farther apart and more open! You'll look just like Kate Moss!

Step 6: You're Done!

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Now if you follow these few simple steps, you'll soon be as beautiful as everyone thinks you should be!


wszulim (author)2015-02-23

beautiful eyes

kingmii (author)2011-05-16

Do you think a guy could pull this off?

BethV (author)kingmii2014-12-21

Anyone can. Just be your own fierce self! Who cares about gender-specific stipulations? If we women can wear pants nowadays with no problem when it was taboo just 50 - 60 years ago, then men should be able to wear makeup, skirts, etc! Equality goes both ways and all double standards hurt our progress as a society.

bbender (author)2011-09-24

This is a fun look to try.

sakimoto (author)2011-03-03

Ohh my! The pretty girl is still there. I think we need a more current update and photo. Good job! Take care.

Why are you putting mascara on first? Won't the eyeshadow dust onto the lashes? Make up artists always say that the lashes are the finishing touch so yeah... you're going to need to put this step last.

kingmii (author)2010-08-14

Owww I wish i could do this to girls are sooooooooooo!!! lucky

denis1976 (author)2009-05-28

wow! beautiful eye ;)

skeet (author)denis19762009-10-02

beutiful eye, as in one eye? 0.o

chinito_23 (author)denis19762009-06-10

yeahhh beautiful eyes ;D

sakimoto (author)2009-08-12

Holy smokes! The pretty girl is still there! Keep up the good work!! Nice eyes.

sebasvisser (author)2009-06-22

following the "be nice"policy..can I pleaaase date her?

hrockwoo (author)2009-05-21

Calm down boys! And for the record, this is my roomate...and I agree, she is very beautiful.

shamanwhitewolf (author)hrockwoo2009-06-15

Indeed she is! I just took a look at your profile pic and you are too! Both of you are probably just as beautiful without the makeup. I've never been a fan of makeup, especially the way too much is applied so often, but it does provide variety when done as nicely as this here. {Now I'll quietly wish you two were local to me. ;) }

chinito_23 (author)hrockwoo2009-06-10

your roome is sooo beautiful

wizzbritt (author)hrockwoo2009-06-09

your room mate is hot

mountain island (author)hrockwoo2009-05-29

omg! slight understatement, she is HOT!!! i myt try this...o.O xx

static (author)2009-06-02

Here I'm doing good to remember to trim back the nostril hairs if they need it before going out. Ladies thanks for all the effort you put in, though we men may complain about how long you are taking :)

Aztof (author)2009-06-01

WOW, I am a dude, so this may never be useful to me, but GREAT job ;)

Speedmite (author)2009-05-31

Too bad I wont need this. Im a guy. =)

Moda May (author)2009-05-29

Hi, makeup artist here. Just thought i'd mention that its usually best to do mascara as the very last step to get the biggest punch. If you do it first, shaddow dust can ruin a perfect mascara finish. Another tip: Do base and powder under the eyes first so that shadow mistakes fall away or are easily dusted off without "wiping" or smearing. It's just easier to clean up that way. Also, try a brush for shadow so you can tap off the brush and blend out easier. And try a super faint application of super sheer white just under arch of eye to make it pop. Hope that helps

Goodhart (author)2009-05-28

I, personally, don't like to see too much makeup on anyone. I keep telling my wife she is so much better looking without the clown effect....however, this instructable is done so well, and if the pictures demonstrate anything, it is that you haven't gone overboard like all to many women seem to.
Less is more. If it sticks out like a sore thumb, it is too much. :-) You have gotten it down so it isn't too much :-)

laurel1 (author)2009-05-28

OK! The end result is beautiful! When I learned to do my eyes, the mascara was last because otherwise, the shadow dust gets on them. I suggest that ladies get a professional "face" from the department store. The trained cosmetic lady will suggest colors that are right for skin tone and eye color. There are warm, cool, grey, yellow, pink etc. undertones to our skin and they react after the makeup sets itself sometimes making that orange look. You really don't have to buy anything if you don't want to. Blending is the key to a more natural look. Base should be feathered down the neck. The products shown in the pics are good ones. I beg all of you ladies to use good basic cosmetics. There is no oversight by the FDA and we really don't know whats in them. The effect of the chemicals probably won't show up until later years.

bigo72 (author)2009-05-28

Oh my god! I was sure to be old enough to have a crush! ... maybe because of the makeup....I don't know :D

jongscx (author)2009-05-28

I thank god that I'm a dude and don't have to do this... while at the same time, respecting women for doing so... I had to put on makeup once for a play, so I got a taste of how much of a pain it is. and yes, very sexy cat-eye look, although I might suggest something a little less shiny for under the eye as it looks like it accents it and makes it look deeper than it actually is (like the eyes are a bit sunken I guess) Maybe it was just the flash, but it shows on the last photo.

jiniz (author)2009-05-28

I'd like to know what you had on your eyes before the instrution started. It looked like there was a nice purple on your lids and I'd like to know how you applied that, too.

mendez (author)2009-05-28

Yes. Nicely explained... I even got it (being a guy)..! And your roommate is indeed very beautiful. Congrats both. ;)

callmeshane (author)2009-05-24

I am so ugly I don't bother with the make up, I just wear a paper bag and give them a gallon of scotch.

richdoe (author)callmeshane2009-05-27

wow...that's depressing. being that harsh on yourself could have some bad effects on you.

sakimoto (author)2009-05-26

That is one pretty girl! She probably does not need the make-up, but it makes her look even more pretty and sexy! Keep up the good work! Take care!!

printemps (author)2009-05-25

The look is great. Very well done makeup.

printemps (author)2009-05-25

Kate Moss is a junkie. I'd rather look like Claudia Schiffer in her heyday.

Notbob (author)2009-05-21

Good 'ible. I think this is looks kinda-creepy. Mind you thats just my SPD talking.. maybe normal people find it attractive.

hg341 (author)Notbob2009-05-23

yea.... i kinna find it creepy too but in a good way

SteveGerber (author)2009-05-21

I think it would be helpful if you would include two close-up pictures for each step, one before the makeup is applied and one after. Ideally the two pictures would be as closely aligned as possible so that the reader can flip back and forth between the two images and see the change that each addition makes.

ac1dthrasher (author)2009-05-21

IL give it a shot next time i need to look like i have sexy cat eyes . . . (never) very cute keep it up and good instructable

Olia (author)2009-05-20

Great Instructable with some very good advice. However, I always heard that mascara should be the last step when doing makeup, because it's easy to smudge it, and when you apply eye shadow (especially light colors) it can fall on the lashes and be visible, then you'd have to reapply the mascara...

hrockwoo (author)Olia2009-05-21

Agreed, but my roomate had already put on her mascara before I started, so I had to rearrange the steps a little bit.

miseleigh (author)Olia2009-05-21

I always do my mascara first, because of the number of times my lashes have touched my eyelids after I apply it. Doing it first gives me a chance to wipe off any mascara that goes where it shouldn't without having to redo any other makeup. Just let it dry a little before starting eyeliner and eyeshadow and smudging shouldn't be a problem. I hadn't thought of the light eye shadow showing tho, I never use light colors.

superman2009 (author)2009-05-21

I agree your very pretty. The makeup just makes you look cuter.

omnibot (author)2009-05-21

Cool. I often wondered about that. I'll probably do this in a while. Any tips on lipstick?

tammasus (author)2009-05-20

Nice instructable! But in all fairness your face is very pretty, it's hard to say if the cat eye look is really responsible : P

Sunbanks (author)2009-05-20

Great instructable! I'll have to try this sometime.

naypi (author)2009-05-20

great job.keep it coming

lebowski (author)2009-05-11

Nice job with your first Instructable, I'm looking forward to more.

lemonie (author)2009-05-11

The end result looks right, so it must be a good job, well done & welcome!
I'd like to see more of these, including "how not to look like a clown" and "how to avoid an orange / white borderline on your face" (some people still play at being mommy into their teens... )


t.rohner (author)2009-05-11

It would be interesting to see a before picture as well.

I can't judge make up techniques, i could only judge the difference.
I never applied make up, but i shave my face, when something is up...

Even if it doesn't directly apply to me, it is a clear and nicely made instructable.

4* from me and the opposite gender will love it, i guess.

modelmanjohn (author)2009-05-11

I most hearitly agree.

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