How to Create/Edit PDF Files for Free





Introduction: How to Create/Edit PDF Files for Free

This tutorial will show you ways to read, edit, and create PDF files without spending any money.

Step 1: Download Software

It requires 3 different pieces of software:

1. (PDF reading software)
2. (PDF writing software)
3. (PDF editing software

Step 2: Install Foxit Reader

Foxit has a free PDF reading application that's free to download. It serves the same purpose as Adobe Acrobat Reader, but it's not as bloated and it loads a lot faster. Just download it and install it, and you will be able to open up and read PDF files. For Windows, here is a direct download link.

Step 3: Install CutePDF

PDF creation software can get into the $100 range. Adobe has on online version of PDF creation for $9.99 a month. But CutePDF allows you to create a PDF file out of anything that can be printed, including web pages. All you have to do is download it, install it, and then when you go to print a document, instead of selecting your printer, select "CutePDF Writer". You can download CutePDF here.

Step 4: Instaling HelloPDF

Up until recently, the only way to edit a PDF files was to shell out a couple hundred dollars for an editing program (Adobe's is currently running at $449). But here is an application that is free to download and allows you to convert PDF files to a Microsoft Word Document. You can then edit it and, using CutePDF, convert it back to a PDF file. You can download it over at After you install it, all you have to do is select the PDF file you want to convert and then click "Convert to Word Document.



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    Good but not comprehensive details, so it might be difficult for newbie. Follow this interesting brief tutorial to to know how easy is to edit PDF file


    OK, good work. But OpenOffice can do it, also. I open an .doc, I edit it and then export it as .pdf with Writer. AND IT IS FREE!

    5 replies

    Wow, that's excellent! I'm loving more and more!

    Back about 5 years ago I gave up on Open Office because it was such a resource hog - even by Microsoft standards. I didn't have the time to wait for it to navigate to a new page. Basically my relatively big computer of the day did not have enough RAM to run OO. Has that changed? Will it run fast on a Vista Home Premium with 3G of RAM?

    Surely! OpenOffice has been upgraded a lot. Almost each 2 months there are a new version of OO.

    to sum it up in two sentences: MS office has best performace, costs money. is free. It's up to you to decide if you can afford to waste a couple of seconds more running free software. That being said has become _a lot_ better over the years. (I use it exclusively)

    simple answer... probably will run just fine I have run, quite nicely, the latest version of on a p3-500 with 256 ram. though, much like vista, the more ram you fed it, the happier it will be. Compared to Microsoft office, I think they are about the same in ram usage... and it's hard to beat free.(though i have had the occasional MS spreadsheet not work 100% in OO) 3Gig of ram, barring any really wacked out vista issues, should be plenty to run multiple instances of OO, MSOffice, AND half the other junk you have loaded on account of vista.

    There is another free program called "cutepdf" writer that installs in your printer tray, when you click print just switch from your printer to cutepdf and it will convert what you wanted to print to a pdf. I don't think it has edit features though, everything has limits i guess.

    Say hello to a secret I learned in college:

    Neevia Online Document Converter

    totally free... no install(online service)... lots of input format options...

    I'd call it just about perfect.

    PLUS 1 from me! I LIKE IT! Where was this info a couple years ago before I purchased Acrobat Pro?? I use Acrobat Pro in my work every week, sometimes all day long, every day for a week. This does everything I need it to do. Guess I won't be upgrading when Adobe announces the next version.

    Amazing job! Video was clear, pictures are great, easy to follow steps. Nice job.