Picture of How To Crimp Your Hair The Easy Way
sometimes people have to go out to buy hair crimpers which are totally expensive.So instead of you wasting all your money try these easy peasy lemon sqeasy steps with just the things you have at home!
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Step 1: What You Need :

Picture of What You Need :
2approx 35 small bobbins (thin)

Step 2: Shower :

now take a shower. When you come out, dry your hair but let it still be damp.

Step 3: Plaiting Time !

Picture of Plaiting Time !
get a friend, a relation or your next door neighbor to come and plait your hair in small but chubby plaits

Step 4: Opptinal

Picture of Opptinal
the brush was just for brushing your hair

Step 5: Sleeping..............yawn

Picture of Sleeping..............yawn
when you go to bed leave your plaits in then leave them in for a while the next morning then take out and give your hair a good shaking

Step 6: Thanks

hope your results turned out brilliant if it worked please tell us !!! and if you have any more ideas on how to crimp your hair just comment us and we comment you back!
1Dgirl1 year ago
she is only messing lol
1Dgirl1 year ago
she is only messing lol
pips021 year ago
It worked for me :)
pips021 year ago