First Beginner Crochet Project: Single Crochet Square

Picture of First Beginner Crochet Project: Single Crochet Square
This is what I would suggest for a beginner at crocheting. Just start making small squares until you're comfortable with starting, ending, and everything between. Later these squares can be sewn together to make a washcloth, baby blanket, scarf, etc. Size doesn't matter. I would suggest using a hook size G-J and light-colored worsted-weight yarn to start. (Black yarn is VERY difficult to learn with). ENJOY!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
These are the materials that you will need:
-a small amount of light-colored, worsted-weight of sport-weight yarn
-darning/yarn needle
-pair of scissors
-crochet hook (size G-J suggested)
-tape measure or ruler

Step 2: Casting On 1

Picture of Casting On 1
First, you need to make a sort of pretzel-shape with the end of yarn, leaving a small tail. Starting is the hardest part for most people, so don't be frustrated and keep trying till you get the correct curved shape.

Step 3: Casting On 2

Picture of Casting On 2
This next part is difficult to describe/show. You look for the strand of yarn in the "pretzel" that's across from the tail. It's in the middle of the "pretzel". Insert the hook with the hook part in same direction as the tail.

Step 4: Casting On 3

Picture of Casting On 3
Now, grasp the tail and the strand going to the remaining ball of yarn, pull tight to the hook. This should form a small knot snug next to the hook, but still able to slide up and down the hook.

Step 5: Chain Stitch 1

Picture of Chain Stitch 1
Now, you must wrap the strand leading to the remainder of yarn around the hook. Wrap from the back to the front. Make sure you hold the knot to the bottom edge of the hook. From now on, use only the strand leading to the remaining yarn to crochet with, ignore tail.
Next, push the strand into the center of the hook.

Step 6: Chain Stitch 2

Picture of Chain Stitch 2
Using the yarn pushed into the hook, slide the yarn through the loop already on the center of the hook.
Be sure to keep yarn in the back of the hook, still held in your left hand.
You should see a small "v" between the starting knot and the center of the hook.
sandyrm made it!2 months ago
I did it. sort of.
enuscher (author)  sandyrm2 months ago

Congratulations! That looks amazing, nice straight edges and everything :)

I did it. I made a single crochet square. Thanks Barbara

rimar20003 years ago
Thanks for sharing this.

My mother (1915-2004) wove 17 blanquets / bedspreads using this technique. Many of then (maybe all) are sill in use. They are multicolored, beautiful.

She bought bargains of wool, and even unwove old clothes to take advantage of the wool.
enuscher (author)  rimar20003 years ago
That's great! Especially since wool yarn is so expensive, I have to get the cheaper yarn usually.
I've crocheted an afghan this way too!
mistyp3 years ago
I will try this--I've wanted to learn to crochet but with so many other awesome things to learn this keeps getting pushed back. Thanks for posting!
Looks good! Lots of clear photos. :D I will have to give this a try!