Step 9: First Stitch 2

Next, wrap the yarn around the hook from back to front again, push into hook's end again, then slide through ONLY THE FIRST LOOP on the hook, not the second hook. This is VERY important.
I did it. sort of.
<p>Congratulations! That looks amazing, nice straight edges and everything :)</p>
<p>I did it. I made a single crochet square. Thanks Barbara</p>
Thanks for sharing this.<br><br>My mother (1915-2004) wove 17 blanquets / bedspreads using this technique. Many of then (maybe all) are sill in use. They are multicolored, beautiful. <br><br>She bought bargains of wool, and even unwove old clothes to take advantage of the wool.
That's great! Especially since wool yarn is so expensive, I have to get the cheaper yarn usually.<br>I've crocheted an afghan this way too!
I will try this--I've wanted to learn to crochet but with so many other awesome things to learn this keeps getting pushed back. Thanks for posting!
Looks good! Lots of clear photos. :D I will have to give this a try!

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