Step 1: Crochet: Tools & Materials

Crochet Hook (size should be listed on your project pattern). Each crochet hook is labeled with a letter and/or the size in mm's. Refer to the conversion chart (photo 2) for more information.
Yarn (The type/size of yarn should be listed on your project pattern).
Refer to photo's 3, 4 & 5 for more information about yarn labels.
Small safety pin or stitch marker
When crocheting in rounds, your project will grow more like a spiral, and it can be difficult to see where a round starts and ends. By using a safety pin, you can mark the first stitch of each round to keep track of where you start and finish each round.

100% Polyester Fiber Fill
In most cases, you will need to stuff your Amigurumi Crochet project after its been completed. 100% Polyester fiber fill is the best material to use, as it does not retain water when you need to wash and dry your project.

Yarn Needle
After crocheting your project, you'll have loose yarn ends that need to be woven (hidden) into your stitches to prevent your project from falling apart. A yarn needle is therefore needed. It has a larger eye (where the yarn gets threaded into), and the end is usually rounded instead of sharp and pointed like a traditional sewing needle.

<p>Muy interesante y gracias por compartir este tutorial, sirve de mucho, sobre todo a las perssonas que somos autodidacticas. Desde Per&uacute; muchas Felicidades.</p>
<p>Thank you for sharing your expertise!</p>
I was wondering if you could tell me how to do a slip stitch after doing a magic circle??<br>
<p>Thank you for the instructions. My Grandma crocheted and I would secretly watch. She had everything memorized from years past and I was amazed that the &quot;string&quot; she used turned into doilies that I still have today. I also remember the starch solution and pinning the doilies upside down on cardboard to dry and be stiff, after washing. I could do the basics but never knew the names of the stitches.</p>
EE I want to learn this so bad! I dont follow instructions very well i need someone to show me how. Thx for this instrustable! I'll get eventually lol
<p>I know this is an old comment, but I can't help it- I want to help you learn this! Go to YouTube and search for crocheting tutorials. There are tons, and it's almost certain there will be videos that will help you learn. It's where I learned most of what I do! So you can learn to do things like amigurumi, or things like I've done! </p><p>You can totally do this. Experiment and have fun with it!</p>
<p>hey canucksgirl,remember me!!</p><p>you crochet well,can you advirtise my instructable for me?</p><p>how to take apart a laptop (by karaterdragon6)</p><p>note that i am &quot;knot&quot;(crochet pun)taking advantage of you</p>
I'd love a step by step instruction on how to make a toddler sized beanie with brim/cap
I have a nephew (toddler) that is growing out of the hat I made him last year, so your request may be do-able. :-) <br> <br>I'll try to keep you posted, but feel free to msg me, or leave another comment here.
luv it! i'm new to the &quot;Wonderful Land of Amigurumi&quot; and may have a wonderfully amazing project *cough*amiigurumi unicorn*cough* posted soon!!! :P
Can't wait to see it and possibly make one for my self!
I look forward to seeing it. Thanks for commenting! ;)
A fantastic primer, glad you took the time to introduce these concepts to crochet newbies!
Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it. It did take a while to make, but its worth it, if more people take up making things and sharing them in return. ;)
Excellent instructable! More people need to crochet, because it's a great way to unwind &amp; clear your mind. :)
I thought that's what wine for for. ;-)
Thank you and I agree. I also appreciate the comments. :)
Nice! I wish I had this when I first started to crochet.
Thanks! It sure took a while to put this together. ;)

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