Step 1: Crochet: Tools & Materials

Picture of Crochet: Tools & Materials
Crochet Hook (size should be listed on your project pattern). Each crochet hook is labeled with a letter and/or the size in mm's. Refer to the conversion chart (photo 2) for more information.
Yarn (The type/size of yarn should be listed on your project pattern).
Refer to photo's 3, 4 & 5 for more information about yarn labels.
Small safety pin or stitch marker
When crocheting in rounds, your project will grow more like a spiral, and it can be difficult to see where a round starts and ends. By using a safety pin, you can mark the first stitch of each round to keep track of where you start and finish each round.

100% Polyester Fiber Fill
In most cases, you will need to stuff your Amigurumi Crochet project after its been completed. 100% Polyester fiber fill is the best material to use, as it does not retain water when you need to wash and dry your project.

Yarn Needle
After crocheting your project, you'll have loose yarn ends that need to be woven (hidden) into your stitches to prevent your project from falling apart. A yarn needle is therefore needed. It has a larger eye (where the yarn gets threaded into), and the end is usually rounded instead of sharp and pointed like a traditional sewing needle.