Step 8: ** Note **

If you run out of yarn, simply tie the end of the used yarn to the end of the new yarn
I love the hat, but it's a little large for my head. How do I make a smaller version?
I don't know if I went around enough times singly. I think I should have added a few more rows. 1st attempt.
Thank you for helping me finish my FIRST crochet project. It was the perfect way to begin my crocheting journey, and it fits! I can't wait to wear it out and about. Now, I'm on to leg warmers or slippers or a scarf...so many projects.
I wonder if it's possible to ad a brim to the hat? Thnx!!! XP
I wonder if it's possible to ad a brim to the hat? Thnx!!! XP
For row 9 or 10, is it normal to have remainders after finishing the last double single crochet? If it is, do I just finished single crocheting it and start the next round like nothing happened in the last round???
do i have to use wool?? can i use carron simply soft eco yarn?
NO! You MUST use wool! J/k, I'm sure any is fine (I'm using acrylic like a n00b), as long as it suits your needs (warm enough, not too itchy, washable, etc.)
Dont feel bad,i used acrylic too. nOObs UNITE! lol
i'm not new at crochetting, butI never learned the vocab and names. What do you mean by "do the counting rows again only modify stitch 8" on step 10?
It follows the same pattern of single crochet, then 2 single crochet in one stitch every 8 stitches.
Loved the tips!&nbsp; I&nbsp;have been wanting to make a cute hat for my daughter so I&nbsp;was looking for some tips on <a href="http://pnhnetwork.com/how-to-crochet-a-hat/" rel="nofollow">how to crochet a hat</a> and found this.&nbsp; I&nbsp;will be following along!<br />
hi I'm very new in crocheting and I'm currently doing this project, just wondering to get the same depth on your hat, how many rounds did you make? Thanks!
YEA for this instructable! Thanks~ Getting my Christmas ideas early!
meant to say cotton...
thanx! I have'nt crocheted in years since my friend who taught me passed away. This tutorial was great! I've made 5 in 2 days( cars in the shop-bored) thank you so much!!
Awsome, you crochet? That's like my favorite hobby
This looks interesting, but when I tried to get the PDF of it, the box appeared too far off the left to effectively fill in. Please fix that, and I would be willing to download it.

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