How to Crochet


Introduction: How to Crochet

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Many of you have wondered how to make flowers and other embellishment for appliques out of crochet. Well, look no further, we, at Threadheads have found a great way to make these cool things. It's simple, fun and its even better if you can re-use yarn from and old crocheted blanket or sweater (which is what we did.)

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So, watch the video below to learn how to crochet, and if you still want more, be sure to read on.

Step 1: Gathering Your Yarn

1. Make sure you have an adequate amount of yarn. We got our yarn by pulling apart an old afghan that we found at the dump. Now, grab your needle and you're ready to start crocheting.

Step 2: The Basic Chain Stitch

2. First, take the string in one hand, cross it over your index finger, pull the tail end of you string through your loop. This is called a slip knot because if you pull it, it comes right out. Take your crocheting needle, slip it through the slip knot and pull tight. You've just made your first loop.

Step 3: The Chain Stitch

3. Then grab a hold of your knot, loop once over the needle and pull that loop through the slip knot. That's your first stitch. Repeat five more times until you end up with six stitches total. This is your basic chain stitch.

Step 4: Connecting the Ends of the Chain

4. Next, you're going to use a slip stich to connect the ends of your chain together to form a ring.

Step 5: Doubing the Size

5. Now you need to increase it to double the size, so you'll need to do two single stitches in each stitch. Repeat the single crochet in the same stitch. Do this in each stitch around the circle until you have 12 stitches.

Step 6: The Petals

6. The next step is to start making the petals. You'll need to do a single crochet in the next stitch. This will help hold down your petals. Now, you'll be doing a four crochet stitch. So, do the four stitch crochet four times in the same stitch. You've just created your first petal.

Step 7: Giving the Petal Definition

7. Then do a single crochet stitch in the next stitch to give the petal definition.

Step 8: More Petals

8. Repeat the four crochet stitch in the next stitch which will complete your second petal. Do this 3 more times until you have 5 total petals.

Step 9: You're Done!

9. When you've finished the last petal, do a single crochet in the next stitch and pull the yarn all the way through the loops. Congratulations! You've just crocheted a flower!



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    Thank you, it was fast but I just needed the chai stich, not the flower

    I had a lot of problems with the speed of this video as well, especially on the four crochet stitch for the petals. This video explains that stitch really slowly, which helped me a lot! (

    The only difference is that once you do your first four crochet/ cable stitch you go back through the same stitch that you did the first four crochet stitch in as opposed to going to the next stitch. Then when you want to finish the petal, you through the next stitch (without wrapping the yarn around twice) and do two single crochet stitches to once again have only one loop around the crochet hook. Then you can start your next petal! :)

    I hope this helps!

    I am sorry but your doing the crochet too fast for me to understand. Try doing it a little slowly to let beginners understand what you are trying to do!

    i got it the first time! i love it!! but mi flower came out with 6 petals? and shes talking about a treble crochet

    Well, I thought I had it figured out, but my flower has 6 petals instead of 5. With the second round increased to 12 stitches and then, sc next st 4 quads, repeat, it will repeat 5 more times for 6 petals. Guess I'll start with 5 and increase to 10 before I start my petals.

    HELP! I have tried step 4 about 5 times and I still can't figure it out. It would be nice if you could slow the video down so I can see what's going on. Who knows, I may have gotten it right at one point, but I have no way of telling since I can't really see what the loop is supposed to look like. That being said, I just assumed I got step 4 correct and went on to step 5 and I'm lost again! It's probably just me, but some of us just need some thing spelled out for us. :P

    7 replies

    Very Keri, I was just here checkin out the crochet videos and saw your comment. I noticed that no one responded to you. If you still need help let me know what exactly your stuck on and I'll try to help.

    Thank you so much for your offer. If you could post your own better version of this, that would be fabulous! I DID end up going to YouTube and found this nice lady that does wonderful instructional videos. I was able to learn and practice three different stitches in one night thanks to her. I revisited this video once again and still couldn't figure it out. I really do HEART ThreadBanger, but this instructable is lacking.


    You know...I am sorry, but I just watched this video again and am confused myself. She calls it a four crochet but it looks like what she is doing is a treble/triple crochet. This video is crazy. Definitely not for beginners and quite frankly...anyone who can follow this probably already knows how to do it. Not quite sure what their thinking is. Sorry for the confusion Very Keri!!


    I wish I had the capability of making and posting videos but I don't. If I follow you it sounds like you are able to do the circles but the petals trip you up. If you increased the second circle I am assuming that you know how to do more than one stitch in a stitch/hole. With the petals, you start off closing the second circle by doing that first single crochet. Then, move on to the next hole/stitch and do four quadruple stitches in that same stitch. Then in the next stitch do only one single crochet. Then in the next stitch do four quads again and keep doing that pattern all the way around. Here is a video for the quad. This lady is a great teacher too. I hope that helps but if not, maybe you can be more specific about where you are confused. I really like this flower as it is simple. There are other flowers you can try and the lady who does the video I sent you has a couple of flower videos too. But they look different than this one. She has many videos. You should check them out. Take care!

    I have to agree, that video is really fast... I don't understand doing the two stitch part. I got the first part though! lol

    I tried it a few more times and quit before I pulled my hair out. If I didn't live an ocean away from my Grandma, I would ask her!

    haha yeah, same here, I even tried pausing it and it didn't help...