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Introduction: How to Cruise

A bunch of helpful tips, for first time cruisers, from my last cruise on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas.  If you have other tips, please add comments.  Thanks.



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    I just went on the Independence of the Seas. When did you go on it?

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    I just went on April 6th. When did you go?

    We just missed each other! I got off the same day you got on.

    I went on April 14th for 8 days

    Glad your enjoying your cruise Lou.

    Our freedom ots was too short lived! Best part to me was the room balcony, left the door open every night. Best sleep ever!

    :D I went on the Independence for my honeymoon cruise a couple years ago! Your video brought back memories!

    Some things I really liked were the Art on Royal where we got free champagne and you were entered in a raffle everyday. I ended up winning a little art book for giving a creative name to a statue they had. Another thing I enjoyed was this like Diamond presentation/talk. They talked about deals on the island and where to get fancy expensive jewelry, but they also talked about color changing stuff from Del Sol (very cool) and where to get little free gifts from different shops! I'm always on the lookout for deals and free stuff :)

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    Yes, I forgot about those freebies! That reminds me of another fun and free thing. If you go to, before your cruise, and join the "Roll Call" for your ship and sailing date, you can chat with other people that will be on your cruise. That is the fun part. The free part is that Royal throws a special Meet and Mingle party for you to meet all your new friends, drink free champagne, and win some cool prizes :).