How to Cure Hiccups





Introduction: How to Cure Hiccups

A cure for the hiccups.

Step 1: The Cup

Get a cup to put water or some other liquid in.

Step 2: Water

Put water in the cup.

Step 3: The Drinking Technique

The cure is all in the way you drink the water (or other liquid). What you do is you take about ten sips quickly without taking a breath and it should take away your hiccups.



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    My dad taught me to drink water upside down to help with the hiccups, it usually works. :)

    I just breathe slowly and deeply without stopping.
    If you stop between intake and exhale, that's when the hiccups happen.

    i do a easy,simple,fast way off getting rid of them.first,you get a small glass of any liquid,then u get a staw or some one too hold the glass,next you drink it with your thumbs in your ear and your pointer fingers holding your nose shut,finially you drink as much as you can with out breathing and presto your hiccups are gone garenty...or right a comet! :) <3

    1/2 packet of sweet and low under the tongue works great for hiccups, just ask an old nurse ...

    What a strange cure. What if you have high blood sugar?

    Man...I just had the hiccups and this fixed them. YOU SAVED MY LIFE

    there are loads. I normally drink from the far side of the cup.

    That's what I always do. People look at me crazy when I tell them to "drink from the opposite side of the glass", but it always works. Something about how your esophagus has to move when you drink the water. Try it.

    These people are not trying to make you look like a fool. It works. Try it in a closet first, if you don't believe.

    My mother taught me that trick. Didn't always work however