How to Cure Hiccups


Introduction: How to Cure Hiccups

A cure for the hiccups.

Step 1: The Cup

Get a cup to put water or some other liquid in.

Step 2: Water

Put water in the cup.

Step 3: The Drinking Technique

The cure is all in the way you drink the water (or other liquid). What you do is you take about ten sips quickly without taking a breath and it should take away your hiccups.



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    My dad taught me to drink water upside down to help with the hiccups, it usually works. :)

    I just breathe slowly and deeply without stopping.
    If you stop between intake and exhale, that's when the hiccups happen.

    i do a easy,simple,fast way off getting rid of them.first,you get a small glass of any liquid,then u get a staw or some one too hold the glass,next you drink it with your thumbs in your ear and your pointer fingers holding your nose shut,finially you drink as much as you can with out breathing and presto your hiccups are gone garenty...or right a comet! :) <3

    1/2 packet of sweet and low under the tongue works great for hiccups, just ask an old nurse ...

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    Man...I just had the hiccups and this fixed them. YOU SAVED MY LIFE

    That's what I always do. People look at me crazy when I tell them to "drink from the opposite side of the glass", but it always works. Something about how your esophagus has to move when you drink the water. Try it.

    These people are not trying to make you look like a fool. It works. Try it in a closet first, if you don't believe.

    My mother taught me that trick. Didn't always work however


    11 years ago

    i had hickups for an hour or so the other day, and i was too lazy to get out of bed and get a glass of water, so i googled it and found an interesting one. right behin d your ears there is a spot, close to your jaw bone. apply preshure to that spot lightly for a couple of seconds and you will stop hickuping. and it worked! woot!

    gulp down like 7oz of sprite and then hold your breath for 10 seconds.

    Take it from an old bartender who has cured hundreds. Take a half glass of water give it to the victim and then hold their earlobes closed with your fingers. Have them drink the water and presto, gone. Has never failed. Your just equalizing the pressure.

    the #1 surefire method for getting rid of the hickups = thorazine (...if you've got access to thorazine that is)...stops the hickups in seconds...but it's a bit drastic...mostly used when someone has HORRIBLE hicups (i.e. DAYS of hicups...not minutes)...hospitals will use thorazine for patients with J-tubes (feeding tubes placed through the abdominal wall instead of NG tubes which are run down through your nose)...a the nature of it being actually inserted through the abdominal wall...will irritate the diaphragm thereby causing hickups...the thorazine will relax the diaphragm and stop the stuff

    try peanut butter.

    I hold my breath for as long as possible without passing out. I think it acheives the same effect, which I'm guessing has something to do with the nervous system "breathe" signals overriding the diaphram's hiccuping.

    There are Millions of things you could do to get ride of hiccups. One of my favorites to do to a friend is if they have the hiccups ask them what color there refrigerator is, They will think what a stupid question but you make them tell you anyway.. Most often there hiccups will be gone if that doesn't work you quickly ask them a series of other retarded questions making them think... How that, and many other Hiccup cures work is simple; When you start to get hiccups you only really need to hiccup a few times. But because your body is doing something, sometimes annoying, you think about what its doing, Therefor with or without knowing it, Your making yourself hiccup... And as soon as you get distracted your mind gets of you hiccuping and you stop then you might think oh i stoped. Sometimes, You might start hiccuping again cuz you just thought about it. But most the time you won't. A very good remedy is getting scared, it makes your heart race, makes you mad at whomever scared you, also it gives you an adrenalin rush... But more or less distracting you from the hiccups and therefor Curing them for the time being...

    LOL :D Just as I clicked on this instructable, I got hiccups.

    does the water have to be dirty?

    i think it works but i learn one with water where you drink and rub your temple it worked for me last friday