How to Curl Mlp Hair


Introduction: How to Curl Mlp Hair

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Pinkie pie looking a little sad? Is Rarity getting upset with her hair? Try curling their hair. It's sometimes fun doing this! <3

Step 1: Materials

1.bobby pins
2.elastics and cold water
4. Your pony

Step 2: Get Pony Ready

Twist the hair and then put a bobby pin through it then roll the hair back and secure it with a elastic.

Step 3: Get That Water Ready

Put the hair under hot water and then cold water and hot water again.

Step 4: Wait Over Night

The day after you curl the hair the should be dry, when you take the elastic and bobby pin out of the hair, you should get cute curls. Newfcatgirl says cya later! <3



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    Be sure to let it fully dry or the hair won't be curly

    Thanks for sharing this!