Introduction: How to Curl Thick Hair

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need: -A flat iron (optional) -A curling iron -A brush and a comb -Hair spray

Step 2: Prepare Hair

Comb your hair!!! Then separate it into a thin layer.

Step 3: Optional: Flat Iron Layer

Grab tiny sections of your hair and flat iron as shown. You don't have to do this, but your hair will be easier to curl.

Step 4: Curl the First Layer

Grab a piece of hair with the curling iron and wrap the curling iron around it. Then holbit for 20 or more seconds depending on the thickness of your hair. Then slowly take it out and hairspray.

Step 5: Separate Hair Into Second Layer

Take your bun and ponytail out. Then carefully separate into a second layer.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 3-5 Until Your Hair Is Curled.

Step 7: Optional- Do Something With Your Bangs

Grab pieces of your bangs and twist secure with a bobby pin.


chloelynn (author)2013-10-25

I just put my hair in several braids the night before, take the scrunches out in the morning, and comb through it with my fingers. It stays wavy all day king then

theimpossiblegirl_1 (author)2013-10-15

yeah, it does take a few tries

michael63 (author)2013-10-12

You make it so easy, but personally i know its not!!

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