How to Customize App Icons Without JAilbreak





Introduction: How to Customize App Icons Without JAilbreak

This is a simple way to make your apple apps look how you want them to.

Step 1: Select

Go into safari and select an image. When you find your image hold down on the image and select (save image)

Step 2: Icustom

Go to icustom via safari

Step 3: Start

Tap start now

Step 4: Putting Your Image In

Go to choose icon and select your previously saved image and then select which application you want to make that application

Step 5: Creating

Scroll down and select your options and tap lets go
This will take you too another page

Step 6:

Hit the bottom middle button and tap add to home screen and you have a shortcut



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    They aren't jailbreak in. They are creating a link to the app via safari with a custom icon.

    Notice in this picture it says Jailbreak free

    15, 9:22 PM.jpg

    Actually you do not need a jailbreak for this

    you might want to inform people that they are jailbreaking there iPhone when doing this.