Picture of How To Customize Your Candles
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Wax paper -dollar store
Sharpie thin point marker- Walmart,online, basically anywhere
Blow dryer

Step 2: Writing Or design

Picture of Writing Or design
Take your sharpies and write or draw the design that you would like to put on your candle on the wax paper

Step 3: Heat

Picture of Heat
Now all you have to do is put the wax paper to the candle and put the blow dryer on high and heat up the wax paper to get the sharpie on the candle
15303shelby (author) 4 months ago
Hi @momoluv sorry i didn't respond earlier I typically don't have wifi on the weekend! I would love it if you were able to feature my instuructable

Many thanks, shelby
momoluv4 months ago
Hey, Momo here.

I would LOVE to feature this instructable in this week's edition of MOMOS shoutout Sunday! To see it, scroll down to the bottom of my "french macarons tutorial"
15303shelby (author) 1 year ago
ExHippoMan1 year ago
nice idea