Compost bins are a perfect way to re-utilize all those kitchen and yard scraps for a new purpose, to help create a more gorgeous garden.

When we built our compost bin, we decided to create a simple, yet custom design that fits in perfectly with our yard and style.

Step 1: Detail

We added a little detail to our Western Red Cedar compost bin. By alternating how we assembled the individual boxes—without alternating their size—we gave the compost bin a refined but rustic box-joint look. And, it’s pretty easy.

For a basic 36-inch by 24-inch compost bin, each front and back piece would be 36-inches long. Fastened in-between them would be two sides at 21 inches long (Tip: to get an outside dimension of 24-inches you subtract the thickness of the front and back—in this case 3 inches—to get the length of the sides.)

For ours, here’s what we did: Box A’s front and back pieces are 36-inches long. Each side piece is 21-inches.

Box B’s front and back pieces are 33-inches long while the sides are 24-inches. We then stacked A, B, A, B and so on.

<p>Great little composter, though I would upscale to 3 chambers so you get fully composted, in progress and new if you have the space</p>
<p>We're tight on space Buck. And we've been using every bit of compost it can generate lately. </p>

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