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Did you ever what your computer to look like Tony Stark's? Well its all possible thanks to an extremely cool and absolutely free software called Rainmeter! It allows you to make your desktop more artistic and functional with almost infinitely many possibilities to change its design!
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Step 1: Get Started

Picture of Get Started
To start off you have to download and install the software. You can get the latest versions 100% free and safe at http://rainmeter.net/cms/. There you can also read all about the software.!Make sure you save it somewhere easy to remember and accessable, because you will have to save other things there later as well!  

Step 2:

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In order to understand how this software work, think of it like an additional mask you place over your desktop. Therefore the next step is to either download or make this mask or skin yourself. As they are pretty hard to make and thousands of different skins are already available for free online I would recomend to start with downloading one. The best and most reliable sites to do this are:
-http://www.rainmeterskin.com(my favorite)

!Please be careful. These sites are open platforms that anyone can upload to. Do not download anything with comments disabled, and never run any .exe file to install a skin!

The best place to save these is in the designated folder which is provided in the software's folder named "skins".

Step 3:

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A drop shaped icon should have been added to your bottom left taskbar by the software which you can then use to launch Rainmeter.
MityManiac2 years ago
is it applicable for XP??
mumumon (author)  MityManiac2 years ago
Its works perfectly with XP,Vista,7&8, but not with Apple products.