How to Customized Handmade Concrete Flower Pots





Introduction: How to Customized Handmade Concrete Flower Pots

Follow us to handmade Concrete Flower Pots for your flower,take some concrete materials and all kinds of plastic containers,Diy Handmade Now.
Production method:

Step 1: Prepare Some Concrete Materials

1.Prepare some concrete materials, all kinds of plastic containers, containing plastic bottles, snack bar plastic bowl, can be recycled and reused. Need two containers of different sizes in concrete poured before you can start arranged according to the shape and size.

Step 2: Put the Mixed Concrete in the Large Containers

2, Put the mixed concrete in the large containers, and then put the smaller containers in Central,drill hole as the drainage holes in the bottom.Stay completely dry, plastic container can be removed, the surface roughness of coarse sandpaper can be used.

Step 3: Layered With Plants, Done

Layered with plants, done! In the process of natural drying, floral patterns on the surface of traces and almost impossible to control, so I will not repeat, really is super cool. Was planning to buy the owner of flower pots, may wish to consider DIY!

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Step 4:

Step 5:



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